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How to Improve Candidate Sourcing and Tracking

January 18, 2017
iCIMS Staff
3 min read

Today’s war for talent is driving businesses to focus on the best strategies and solutions to support their talent acquisition needs. If a company is not collecting and maintaining the interest of potential candidates, they’re already two steps behind their competitors.

Strong talent pools of passive candidates ensure that a company always has a pipeline of talented and qualified candidates to select from when a job becomes available. Passive candidates are the people that are willing to entertain a job offer but aren’t actively seeking a new position. This includes over half of employed adults, as our research shows that 52 percent of survey respondents would be open to a new career opportunity if contacted by a recruiter with a relevant opportunity, even if they weren’t actively seeking a new job.

iCIMS Connect is a candidate relationship management (CRM) solution that enables employers to attract and engage top talent. Organizations can fill open jobs faster by tapping into candidate pipelines and effectively marketing their brand to the best candidates. When used in conjunction with iCIMS Recruit, Connect makes it easier to fill talent pools with top talent using intuitive email marketing features, recruiting event functionality, job recommendation portals, and more.

Here are four reasons a CRM solution integrated with a robust applicant tracking system can improve candidate sourcing and tracking.

1. Streamlined Event Management

With iCIMS Connect, you can more strategically attract and nurture candidates coming in from events. iCIMS Connect’s event management features offer you a robust solution to advertise and promote events, enable pre-registration through a branded portal, automate messages to attendees, and gain valuable insight into event success through robust reporting.

2. Reduced Drop-off Rates

With the right solution, you can reduce drop-off rates by providing a way for candidates to connect and engage with your organization, even if there isn’t a current job opening that matches their interests. Candidates are given a clear call to action to sign up for automated job recommendations from your organization. This helps them easily opt-in to the talent pools they are most interested in.

3. Simple Searching

With one platform for both your sourcing and tracking, its simple to search across your system and find the candidates you’d like to review quickly. Data in fields, resumes, emails, notes, attachments, and electronic forms can identify your best-fit talent.

4. Unified Reporting

Take the guesswork out of building and maintaining a candidate pipeline through a CRM with recruitment marketing, and event management features. Since iCIMS Connect is tightly integrated with iCIMS Recruit as part of the iCIMS talent acquisition software, users can easily toggle between products via the same platform and have access to unified reporting to show the conversion of candidates to hires.

With an integrated ATS and CRM, you can report on email campaign effectiveness by tracking opens, clicks, and applications that have resulted from campaigns. You can run reports like passive candidate interest level, candidate by talent pool, and willingness to relocate.

With a personalized view of their talent acquisition world, the recruiter, HR professional, or sourcer can gain an at-a-glance summary of the most important sourcing, recruitment marketing, and pipelining efforts, which are all configurable at the user level.

iCIMS Connect allows organizations to market and portray their brand in a favorable way to help grow a candidate pipeline of top talent that recognizes and is interested in a brand. It also provides valuable insight and analytics into the success of recruitment marketing email campaigns, candidate engagement, and other performance data.

To learn more about iCIMS Connect, please visit: https://www.icims.com/talent-cloud-recruiting/products/candidate-relationship-management-software/

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