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5 ways to save time and money with marketing automation

November 2, 2022
iCIMS Staff
4 min read

In recent years, the job market has changed dramatically, and recruiting teams are feeling the pressure to source and engage talent with smaller budgets and leaner teams. How can you cut down on costs while driving recruitment efforts? Marketing automation is the way forward.

Candidate.ID is the world’s first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition, helping recruiters across the globe cut down on valuable human time while increasing the number of hires per recruiter.

Keep reading to discover how you can save time and money recruiting in-demand talent with marketing automation technology.

What is recruitment marketing automation?

Traditionally, marketing automation is used in B2B marketing and sales to automate communications and drive business growth. In recruitment, marketing automation is unheard of – that is until Candidate.ID came along.

Candidate.ID helps recruiters automate messaging, personalised and at scale. With billions of marketing workflows, Candidate.ID is the only recruitment marketing technology that lets you know which candidates are cold, warm and “hire-ready”.

5 ways to save time and money with marketing automation

1. Engage with the right candidates

Do you know which candidates are checking out your job board, clicking on your social media links and engaging in your employer brand? Using trackable links and engagement scores, Candidate.ID tracks candidate engagement across your entire company digital footprint so you know which candidates are ready for a hiring conversation.

With marketing automation, you can filter candidates on a real-time engagement score so you know exactly which candidates to reach out to when you’re ready to recruit. No more cold-calling candidates to find out who’s interested – Candidate.ID does it for you.

By engaging candidates who are interested in your employer brand, you can cut down on time to shortlist by 50%.

2. Reduce advertising spend

Are you spending lots of money advertising vacancies? Why? Your total addressable market is the same as a similar role you previously paid to advertise. Often, your top candidate is buried in your database without you even knowing.

Marketing automation allows you to build, manage and engage in-demand talent for future openings. There’s no need to continuously source the same candidates when you can nurture the pre-existing candidates in your database.

With Candidate.ID, you have your own pipeline to advertise openings.

3. Personalise your messaging

Not only do trackable links let recruiters know when a candidate is ready for a hiring conversation, they also let you know which content candidates are interested in so you can personalise recruitment campaigns based on candidate intent.

For instance, you can set up a personalised recruitment journey so that if a candidate clicks on a social post about your company culture, they will automatically receive an email on your values and employer brand. Or set up a nurture campaign so that whenever a candidate watches your video content, they receive more videos about working with you.

Tailoring recruitment messaging on candidate interaction creates a hyper-personalised candidate experience and increases engagement of your current database.

4. Automate actions

As well as automating recruitment campaigns, marketing automation also automates recruiter notifications, so you know exactly when a candidate has reached that “hire-ready” stage.

With candidate nurture continuing in the background, marketing automation offers you a constant stream of engaged, quality talent in your inbox. Just imagine the valuable time you could save engaging and sourcing candidates?

Candidate.ID can significantly reduce wasted human time by automating the process of attracting, engaging and hiring top talent.

5. Turn your talent pool into a defined talent pipeline

With application numbers for each job higher than ever, talent pipeline automation saves recruiters hours every week and days every month. If you are overwhelmed with the number of job applications you’re receiving, stop advertising and start pipelining. You probably have loads of suitable people in your ATS.

Candidate.ID offers you the ability to segment and filter your entire candidate database in one central location. With effective pipeline management, you can hyper-target the candidates already in your database.

Cut down on cost and time to hire by turning your talent pool into a defined pipeline of in-demand talent.

How our customer cut cost to hire with marketing automation

In its most recent campaign, our customer used Candidate.ID to run a series of communications targeted towards professionals within the law and business sector.

Using Candidate.ID’s campaign builder, a personalised nurture campaign was set up to send to 422 candidates. The campaign was set out with the aim of re-engaging relevant candidates and educating them on opportunities within the faculty. Nurturing existing candidates as opposed to spending valuable human time searching for new talent is not only a time efficient strategy but it allowed our customer to reattract candidates who already had an interest in its employer brand. The campaign created a warm talent pipeline of engaged candidates ready for a hiring conversation.

With an average open rate of 77%, candidates were engaged in the content that they received. 60% of candidates applied for a role, of those applicants 54% were shortlisted leading to 8 recruits for hard-to-fill roles. By re-engaging an existing candidate database our customer significantly cut down on cost and time to hire.

Save time and money with marketing automation

Recruiters across the globe are using recruitment marketing automation to solve their talent acquisition obstacles.

Transform your talent acquisition strategy with marketing automation

Want to know more about how you can discover which candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’? Download our ebook here.

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