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3 sessions you don’t want to miss at INSPIRE 2021

November 3, 2021
iCIMS Staff
5 min read

Have you attended INSPIRE before? It’s a two-day virtual conference that brings together talent and tech leaders to build a global community. As a new(er) iCIMS employee, this will be my first year attending, and I can’t wait!  

There will be sessions from industry analysts, iCIMS product experts, and even a few celebrity faces. But I’m most excited to join conversations that empower the talent community to move forward together.  

Here are just a few INSPIRE 2021 sessions that focus on actionable, innovative insights to power transformation in the year ahead.  

Register for INSPIRE to attend these, and more, inspiring sessions.  

Struggling With DEI? How to Better Attract and Engage HEGs 

When: Tues., Nov. 16, 2:40 p.m. ET 

Description: Diversity impacts the bottom line. Yet, many HR and Talent teams keep doing the same thing and just hope for better results, while candidates from historically excluded groups (HEGs) may continue to drop out of the process. Join Amber Brown, Principal Product Manager at iCIMS, and Jim D’Amico, Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Celanese, as they explore this timely and important topic. Attendees will learn how to fix their leaky DEI funnel and what strategies to add to your plan so you can break out of your rut–and exceed your diversity goals. 

Why you don’t want to miss it: 65% of HR professionals surveyed in our Class of 2021 report are concerned that their organization isn’t doing enough to promote DEI. To champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace, you need tangible solutions that the C-Suite (and the rest of the business) can buy into. Amber and Jim will deliver real tactics to attract diverse talent and help you communicate the impact of DEI efforts to talent and executive leaders.  

Always Be Recruiting: How to Continuously Engage Your Talent Network 

When: Wed., Nov. 17, 1:00 p.m. ET 

Description: Engaging candidates should not begin and end with the hiring process. It’s key to build and maintain a pipeline of talent through a continuous engagement strategy. After this session, you’ll know how to implement engagement tactics at each candidate touchpoint, such as campaign emails, employee communications—even post-rejection outreach. 

Why you don’t want to miss it: Even if the idea of continuous candidate engagement is new to you, there’s no need to start your strategy from scratch. Learn from Pete Lawson, Global TA Leader at GoPuff, and Ahryun Moon, CEO at Goodtime, as they discuss the talent engagement frameworks and strategies that worked for them. Along with Charles Mah, Chief Evangelist at iCIMS, their insights can support your own engagement strategy that drives candidate action and speeds up the recruiting process.  

To learn more about continuous candidate engagement, download our infographic, Create the talent network of tomorrow.  

From TikTok to Talent Acquisition: Using Video to Transform the Talent Experience 

When: Wed., Nov. 17, 2:15 p.m. ET 

Description: Video is a powerful way to capture people’s attention and authentically convey messages. But, creating and promoting professional video content can be extremely costly and time-consuming. HR teams and budgets often can’t keep pace with video needs. Leading brands are taking a note from social media platforms and leveraging quick, easy-to-create video content to transform the way that they engage with talent. Companies like IBM, Hilton, and Spectrum are integrating employee-generated video content throughout the entire talent lifecycle to provide differentiated experiences and create more meaningful relationships with their candidates and employees. 

Why you don’t want to miss it: The benefits of employee-generated video go far beyond personal connection. iCIMS found that video can increase SEO traffic to employer career sites by up to 75% and increase applications up to 34% when used in job descriptions. These tangible results are why enterprise companies rely on video content to support their talent lifecycle. Learn from their best practices to develop your own video content strategy.  


You can attend all these sessions at INSPIRE 2021, the virtual conference for talent and tech innovators. Register today for free.  


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