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Recruiting hourly employees

Recruiting, screening, and engaging hourly hires presents unique challenges. Stay ahead with a single platform designed to meet your hourly hiring needs.

The hurdles of hourly hiring

There are a number of time-consuming challenges employers face in recruiting hourly workers, including:

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Lack of Candidates: 66 percent of employers need more applicants than they receive.

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Applicant Quality: 60 percent of employers are unsatisfied with applicant quality.

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High Turnover Rate: The average cost per employee is estimated at one-third of their annual salary/hourly rate.

Accelerating strategies for hourly hires

iCIMS’ Talent Cloud offers solutions that bring the best hourly talent to your business:

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Communicate your EVP and attract hourly candidates with iCIMS’ Career Sites

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Widen your talent pipeline with employee referral programs

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Elevate the best candidates automatically with iCIMS’ Applicant Tracking System

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Streamline employee screening and testing with turnkey platform extensions

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Easily integrate with payroll software and background check services

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Manage interviews and offers at scale with mass capabilities

Making integration seamless

With integrated services that readily collect feedback from hiring managers, enterprises can get real numbers to measure the growth of their teams, leading to more informed decisions and lower turnover.

iCIMS is the sole platform we use to track applicants across our global house-of-brands. With a high volume of hiring for our stores, iCIMS allows us to provide a consistent, seamless experience for our candidates, and empowers our Store Managers to recruit talent Team Members with ease.

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