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Founded in 1910, Samsonite International is the world’s largest travel luggage company. The organization engages in the design, manufacturing, sourcing and distribution of various heavy-duty bags and accessories, under several owned and licensed brand names. Samsonite products are sold in more than 100 countries within 200 stores, employing about 5,000 employees globally.

The challenge

To establish themselves as an international enterprise, Samsonite began expanding into new markets around the globe, making it a top priority to stand out as an employer of choice. As new acquisitions sparked rapid growth within the company, the volume of hires —and complexity of hiring candidates who could match the company’s ambitious goals —grew right alongside it. It became clear that Samsonite’s recruitment strategy would be the true driver of the business’s successful future.

Samsonite was utilizing their longtime HCM suite and payroll provider to support their recruitment efforts. While their HCM suite was great for managing their payroll needs, Samsonite needed a recruitment-focused solution to recruit top-tier talent and meet their global high-volume hiring demands. The organization decided to have both the district manager and a recruiter go through the process of applying for a Samsonite job with the current application. Alarmingly, neither chose to complete the process due to the time it required, difficulty in navigation and lack of mobile capabilities.

Samsonite recognized that their strong corporate brand successfully drove customers to their business, but without an equally as pleasant experience for candidates, their bottom line would suffer. Samsonite’s candidates were often existing customers, and a poor application experience or disengaging career site could lead to less applicants, and a decrease in business from not only the specific candidate, but also those who heard about their experience.

“The career pages we were utilizing did not evoke a great experience,” explained Steve DeCusta, former recruiting manager at Samsonite. “It left candidates searching for information. Our career site is the face of the company; it’s one of the first items candidates interact with and we really needed to set the stage here for why you would want to work with Samsonite.”

Samsonite’s recruiters also experienced a difficult, manual experience. For each of the many job postings that were required, a new template had to be created. Additionally, none of the candidate communications were automated, causing a huge loss in time and productivity. The lack of reporting was really what deterred Samsonite’s efficiency however, without in-depth analytics there was no clear direction as to what was working well to deliver results.

While their HCM suite had always supported Samsonite from a talent management standpoint, with a goal of improving recruitment efficiencies and compliance Samsonite knew it was time to begin the search for a focused recruitment software provider. However, DeCustawas concerned that moving to a new system would stretch data out over several systems, leaving room for errors. At the same time however, they acknowledged that the business could not scale with a solution that did not prioritize the needs of candidates and recruiters as talent acquisition grew more complex.

The iCIMS Talent Platform was selected to power Samsonite’s recruitment strategy, maintaining a continuous data flow between their dynamic talent acquisition processes and ADP.

The result: the world’s leading Talent Cloud

Samsonite recognized that to maintain their status as an industry leader, they needed to allocate the proper focus to recruitment. It became natural to trust a solution built on the foundation of talent acquisition, with the robust integration capabilities to support the dynamic future of recruitment and all of its components. The iCIMS Talent Platform was selected to power Samsonite’s recruitment strategy, maintaining a continuous data flow between their dynamic talent acquisition processes and ADP.

With iCIMS driving talent acquisition, Samsonite has introduced engaging career portals that are branded to match their highly reputable brand name in the travel goods industry. Candidates also experience an application that is simple and quick to complete, with game-changing support for social and mobile compared to their previous process. The ability for candidates to input information once and have it transferred to each new application has also greatly improved the overall experience, reducing applicant drop off.

iCIMS has also allowed Samsonite’s recruiters to remain organized and compliant every step of the way with robust reporting. Specifically, the ability to click once and retrieve a full report on a specific data set has greatly increased efficiency for Samsonite, providing detailed metrics for the entire talent lifecycle on one screen. Robust reporting organizes data in a way that enhances the organization’s internal processes and empowers a collaborative recruitment process.

With a best-in-class talent cloud that plugs right into their HCM suite, ADP, Samsonite benefits from better data governance, scalability, and return on investment. iCIMS serves as the constant hub in which Samsonite’s preferred talent acquisition solutions are seamlessly weaved in-and-out of as business needs change, with the confidence that recruitment will be supported for the long haul.

With iCIMS, Samsonite stays on the cutting-edge of talent acquisition to maintain their position as a market leader.

“What iCIMS had to offer was exactly what we needed. Our prior recruitment solution was not meeting our expectations and growth, which went hand-in-hand with our recruiter issues. iCIMS understands the pain of the recruiter and offers the solution to remove that pain.”