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Industry Experts Share Recruitment Marketing Tactics

Key Points:

  • Those who work directly in HR and TA – who have long known the importance of recruitment marketing – are getting better at communicating the larger impact of what they do to other areas of their businesses.
  • Technology, and particularly automation, is freeing recruiters to focus on higher-impact tasks. This means more time building relationships and less time playing phone tag and scheduling follow-up interviews.
  • People are drawn to authenticity. There should be no meaningful difference in how you treat customers, employees, and candidates. Their perception of your company can take your brand to new heights – or new depths.

Talent Board data shows that candidate experiences are finally improving – the first significant improvement in nine years of collecting data. It’s against this backdrop that industry leaders recently gathered at RallyFwd to share their insights on “the future of candidate experience.”

Here are a few of our favorite takeaways:

Recruit with your brand voice

The brand persona you use to recruit candidates should be as consistent as the one you use in employee communications. An authentic, unified voice in your recruitment marketing builds trust and contributes to that certain X factor that attracts and retains talent.

Put simply: treat your candidates the same way you treat your customers; they’re one and the same.

Create a personalized experience using recruitment marketing software

We were proud to see a representative of Bozzuto, an iCIMS customer, and a six-time CandE Award winner take the stage. VP of Talent & Culture, Kristen Magni, shared how her team uses recruiting software to create a more personalized experience for candidates.

What’s her approach? Technology helps people do their jobs better, but it shouldn’t be the center of attention. Job seekers want to interact with real people (what Magni calls her “human stack”), so use automation to free your recruiters from low impact but necessary tasks.

Bozzuto’s recruiting team.

Bozzuto’s recruiting team.

For an in-depth look at the type of tech Magni and her team use, see her recommendations here.

Lead with your company culture

All else being equal, candidates go with their gut when it comes down to a decision between taking your job offer or a competitor’s. The side that comes out on top will be the one that made an emotional connection and paid attention to what their candidates care about most.

Presenter Shavonne Thomas of AstraZeneca shares the importance of candidate experience.

Presenter Shavonne Thomas of AstraZeneca shares the importance of candidate experience.

In other words, it’s not all about salary and commute times; squishier concepts like culture and flexibility are tougher to measure but can ultimately tip the scales in your favor. A strong employer value proposition (EVP) codifies what differentiates your culture. All your recruitment marketing efforts should address your EVP in some way.

Use recruitment analytics to double down on what works

When it comes to improving the candidate experience, PointClickCare’s VP of Talent and Organizational Effectiveness, Chris Mulhall, follows the 80/20 rule, which says that 80% of your results come from just 20% of the actions you take.

80/20 rule applied to recruiting.

80/20 rule applied to recruiting.

For example, looking at the total number of candidates who apply from a specific job board doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of candidates you’re getting. By understanding candidate journey data, you’re able to determine which of your approaches produce the results you’re looking for.

Parting thoughts

We know the value of candidate experience, but does the rest of your organization?

Throughout the day, industry leaders at RallyFwd talked about the importance of gaining buy-in from your larger HR team, business partners, hiring managers, and executive leadership.

They do this by drawing a straight line between the quality of the candidate experience their teams deliver and their organizations’ ability to hit revenue and business goals. That’s why candidate experience is their #1 priority.

You can watch recordings of RallyFwd sessions here. Interested in how to get ahead of the curve in your own strategy? Elevate your employer brand with best-in-class recruitment marketing software.


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