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Beyond Post and Pray: How to Put Marketing in Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing has increasingly become a core competency of talent acquisition.

Unlike other employee-facing systems – such as solutions that handle performance management, payroll, benefits, etc. – most recruitment activities take place outside of your business’ four walls within a vast online universe of candidates. To keep up with today’s consumer-minded jobseekers, TA professionals are putting their focus on a combination of strategies, tools, and tactics to engage and nurture talent.

The result of this approach generates increased interest in employer brand, a pipeline of more qualified applicants, better quality hires and an improved candidate experience. This strategy is nothing new in the HR industry, but it has become a necessity to combat cancelled recruiting events, remote interviewing, and hiring freezes.

If you can go beyond “post and pray” and better invest in recruitment marketing, your company will have the competitive advantage to hire top talent faster while also cutting costs associated with a long hiring process. To get started, focus on turning your employer brand into the foundation of your recruitment marketing strategy.

How to Use Your Employer Brand

1. Start with your employee value proposition.

A well-articulated employment brand helps job seekers understand if they’re a good fit for the company. A compelling employee value proposition (EVP) can help you position the company as a sought-after employer of choice.

Amy Warner, Director of Talent Acquisition at iCIMS, discusses how a genuine value proposition can help you attract top candidates:

2. Get creative with a culture show-and-tell.

The difference between a good and great company all comes down to the people. Your EVP is what employees value the most about your organization, but your culture reflects how they work and connect with one another.

Find ways to get creative with showing off your culture, and with the help of recruitment marketing software tools, such as RPM Pizza’s chatbot named “Dottie.” As the largest Domino’s Pizza franchisee in the U.S., the recruiting team branded their AI-powered chatbot (and nicknamed it Dottie) to represent their culture while making it easier for candidates to engage with the organization and apply for open roles.

They mirrored the well-known Domino’s Pizza Tracker within the candidate experience so applicants could get updates throughout the application process. Learn more about how RPM Pizza did it here.

dominoes short code

3. Reach your candidates where they are.

Once you lock in how you can show and tell why you’re a top employer, think about where your candidates are and how you can best reach them with your message.

Faced with a driver shortage, public transit company Via Mobility advertises jobs on the sides of its own vehicles. After all, their ideal applicants are sharing the road with their current drivers so it was the perfect “channel” to promote their open roles.

Alongside benefits and basic qualifications on the vehicle ads, there’s a code job seekers text to submit their applications. See what that job ad looked like here.

“On the road you can see ‘Text Via to 97211’ at least three cars back,” said Tonya Runnels, General Manager of Administration at Via Mobility. “We’ve basically got billboards driving all around the Denver area.”
Starting with these three steps, you can begin to build up your employer brand to be your hardest-working recruitment marketing tool and start to move away from “post and pray” to attract top candidates.

Feel ready to discover how to draw real ROI from your recruitment marketing strategy? Download our Definitive Guide to Recruitment Marketing ROI.

definitive guide to recruitment marketing cta

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