Love the One You’re With: 10 Reasons to Love Your ATS

With the New Year in full swing and Valentine’s Day approaching, HR professionals may find it helpful to take a moment to ask themselves, “What do I love about my applicant tracking system (ATS)?” After all, it is an essential part of performing your job effectively. Here are ten core reasons to love your ATS. If your technology provider meets all of these points, you may have found a keeper.

1. Automation

A good ATS will help optimize your time spent on consuming recruiting tasks and processes. It should eliminate redundant manual data entry, which can drastically reduce time-to-fill metrics and help you manage your time more efficiently.

2. Ease of Use

An easy-to-use ATS is crucial to ensuring hiring success given that system adoption at your company is more likely. An ideal system is an intuitive solution that should simplify talent acquisition with automation and collaboration. Furthermore, a system created with the recruiter in mind has an interface that is easy to navigate, even for the newest users or those who do not consider themselves to be tech savvy.

3. Configuration

Your ATS should be a versatile tool capable of supporting advanced components of talent acquisition. Having the flexibility to make configurations that include changing workflows, hiding fields, adding fields, renaming fields, and generating your own reports is key to your company’s success. The ability to make configurations in real time on your own without support from the service provider or additional fees not only saves you time and money, but empowers you to align the system with your company’s particular needs.

4. Robust Searching and Reporting

Robust searching and reporting capabilities are a vital aspect of an effective recruiting strategy. An ATS that allows you to enter specific data and review the results in real-time means you can keep a pulse on the metrics that matter most to your organization. As a result, you can quickly find the information you need and create high-level reports that help eliminate administrative functions and help you focus on what you do best: find the best talent for your organization efficiently.

5. Recruitment Marketing

Your organization will undoubtedly benefit from effectively sourcing candidates and building a talent pipeline for future hiring. That’s where recruitment marketing comes in. A powerful recruitment marketing tool makes it easy for you to attract and engage candidates. Accordingly, you are able to showcase your employment brand, build robust talent pools, consistently communicate with candidates, deliver a better candidate experience, and cultivate more engaged new hires.

6. Exceptional Customer Service

Any technology provider is inadequate without excellent support backing it. Your ATS should make it simple to get the answers you need, fast, and support services should be available to all customers at no additional cost. Technical support should be available 24 hours a day throughout the work week to accommodate your company’s shifting needs. Overall, your provider should act as the champion for your product/service interests.

7. Strong Integration Capabilities

A vendor-agnostic talent acquisition suite that integrates with any provider who accepts their standard specifications is indispensable. Switching between multiple HR solutions is frustrating and slows down productivity. Accordingly, centralizing your hiring process and integrating your HR solutions helps you hire top talent faster. A strong integration enables you to bring all of your talent acquisition tools together into one view. As a result, you achieve more comprehensive, actionable insights.

8. A Great Candidate Experience

Your ATS should account for all the ways candidates find and research prospective employers, including on social networks and mobile devices. It should deliver a user-friendly candidate experience on any device to ensure applying for a job is convenient for those on-the-go. In addition to mobile-responsiveness, it needs to give candidates the ability to easily upload resumes or documents straight from a mobile device and build profiles from their social media accounts.

Furthermore, a good system enables you to create templates for the types of communication most frequently distributed. These templates can be saved for all users to access, thereby eliminating redundancy and encouraging consistency. The ability to send out batch emails makes it even easier to keep communications with multiple candidates quick and consistent.

9. Compliance

Your organization may need to comply with the OFCCP’s regulations for the collection, storage, and reporting of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) data on Internet applicants. A strong ATS is fully capable of helping you comply with these regulations. The functionality and flexibility of the system makes it easy for you to adapt your processes to meet new recruitment compliance regulations.

10. Data Ownership and Security

It’s crucial that your ATS adheres to government security standards, and your data that you solely own is safe and secure. It should use advanced encryption, HTTPS, and have a privacy framework built around applicable data privacy laws, ensuring a high level of security is maintained for your organization and all clients.

Did your system meet all of these points? If so, great news! Your company may have found the one. If not, show your service provider this list, and explain to them what is needed in order to love your ATS. 

Love the One You’re With: 10 Reasons to Love Your ATS

Written By

iCIMS Staff


February 10, 2017


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