How Konica Minolta’s hiring team reduced time to hire by 65%

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Tasked with hiring across North America, Konica Minolta’s talent acquisition team (TA) needed a new hiring platform. Director of TA Christy Harper and TA Operations Manager Nina Owens selected iCIMS to transform hiring and position their team as a strategic business partner.

The Konica Minolta approach

Harper and Owens joined Konica Minolta in the first half of 2022. “I came in and started on a listening tour,” Harper said. “Leadership wanted to hire people who could help drive digitalization for our customers and internal teams. We needed to recruit the right talent and get them as excited as we are about the company and its future.”

Harper and Owens implemented iCIMS that same year, which resulted in better quality hires and more engaged recruiters. “I was blown away by how flexible the system was,” Owens said. “You could customize it on the fly, and we were able to configure the system to fit our needs.”

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One system of record, better visibility

Using iCIMS ATS, the Konica Minolta team has all the hiring information they need in one place. Dashboards help recruiters see where their candidates are and audit their activities.

Harper credits Owens with being the driving force behind their team’s establishment as a reliable and trustworthy partner to the business.

“Nina did all this hard work on dashboards, and that allowed us to build upon the credibility and service level agreements that we established,” Harper said. “As we change processes and work to set the organization’s expectations, everyone knows they can come to us to help meet their needs.”

Hiring without borders

Harper’s team handles hiring for the United States and Canada. With iCIMS ATS, Harper’s team was able to integrate hiring for both countries into one system.

“The way jobs are created in the US is different from that in Canada. How we run background checks and make job offers also differs,” Harper said. “We had to configure the workflow to support both ways of recruiting, including different metrics.” Harper’s team also enabled language packs for French-speaking users, along with numerous data security options.

Today, some recruiters work in both countries, a shift that was made possible only after implementing iCIMS. “Before, we had to use two different applicant tracking systems. Our recruiters were going from one system to another. Now we’re all on one platform, and we use our resources more efficiently,” Harper said.

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Konica Minolta employees pose for a picture after a breast cancer awareness event.

Trying new approaches

The changes to Konica Minolta’s talent acquisition strategy have resulted in a 65% decrease in time to hire.

Owens stressed the importance of focusing on process first, and not limiting changes based on preconceived notions of what they think is possible or what resources will allow.

“Time and time again, I have been pleasantly surprised,” Owens said. “I sometimes think, ‘What if we did it this way?’ or ‘Is this crazy?’ Yet things continue to improve, and that’s what is important.”

Recruiters have the information hiring managers want at their fingertips. It’s easy to see open requisitions, pending tasks and a full list of candidates. It's great.

Nina Owens

TA Operations Manager, Konica Minolta

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