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Why Customer Service Matters for Recruitment Systems

Recruitment is complex, and every business has unique demands and requirements. The ideal recruiting software provider offers flexibility in their customer service model with options to help you gain efficiencies and support your specific needs. While the market is flooded with solutions that function similarly, customer service and the experience each vendor offers is often what differentiates the best from the rest.

Working with a recruitment software vendor that offers a top-notch service experience is more important for certain organizations than others. These include organizations that:

  • Want to drive their company forward
  • Tackle complex hiring needs
  • Hire 24/7 workforces
  • Have a global presence
  • Have mature IT departments

These organizations require weekend hiring or are “always online” and monitoring system performance. Due to the nature of their business, they demand a higher availability than a lackluster or basic customer service experience would be able to support.

What is Good Customer Service?

When evaluating a recruitment software solution, consider the vendor’s service model and how they intend to help you do your job better. Look for a vendor who promises to support your unique business needs, guarantees the highest level of system availability and is focused on maximizing the value you see from the software.

For example, good customer service includes access to online resources, an online community and online case management as standard offerings. You should have access to 24/7 support if you require non-stop coverage. Good customer service also includes designated resources from your first interaction and throughout your experience. Whether this includes an account manager, help desk, or trainer you should never feel alone with your recruitment software solution.

Whether you need guaranteed quick response times, support ensuring your system is being used to its fullest potential or better outcomes to grow your business, your recruitment software provider should have the customer service representatives and processes in place to meet these requirements. Find a vendor who takes customer service seriously and is recognized for their achievements by third-party organizations.

Customer Service Impacts Candidate Experience

Recruiting is a front-office function that impacts your overall corporate brand. Today’s candidates expect the same streamlined experience that they get when interacting with your brand as a customer when they are considering a career in your organization. The most progressive companies recognize this and invest in dedicated talent acquisition solutions that offer a higher level of support, so they can deliver an appearing and efficient B2C-like experience throughout their hiring process.

Benefits of Getting the Right Customer Service

The war for talent is hard enough without having to worry about your recruiting solution functioning or your system being used effectively. With the right support, your business will see increased productivity, greater adoption, and more ROI from your recruiting solution. Great companies are built by great people, so you need a software solution that makes it easy to find and hire the best. Consider how investing in your customer service experience is an investment in better business outcomes.

Take this opportunity to evaluate the customer service you receive from your recruitment software provider and how well they support your evolving business needs. If your provider does not offer the elevated system availability or 24/7 access to customer service representatives you need, it may be time to shop for a new solution. Recruitment is complex but getting the support you need does not have to be.

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