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Tips for Scaling Globally

Whether you’re an international organization or just starting to think globally, the competitive hiring landscape requires all companies to expand the search for top talent. Consider how the global unemployment rate is lower than it has been in decades and there is a constant struggle to find skilled workers. In fact, in a recent SHRM report 52 percent of HR professionals said that the skills gap has worsened in the past two years. You need a systematic approach to how your organization will fill jobs around the world.

Manual and decentralized talent acquisition people, processes and systems can’t support the positive hiring experience needed to attract candidates and help HR professionals grow globally. You need to lean on your recruitment software to adapt to your organization’s changing needs.

Consider these three tips when scaling your talent acquisition globally:

1.   Centralize Processes

Restructure talent acquisition teams so they are working out of one system. Configurable workflows and user permissions allow for information to stay secure, but it also gives hiring professionals the opportunity to flex and support initiatives outside of their day-to-day as necessary. Agility in this area is imperative while you grow globally because you want to be able to operate on a global scale but deliver talent acquisition locally, to resonate with candidates.   

2.   Create Consistency

When recruiters are operating in the same system with comparable workflows, you can measure their productivity equally. Consider how one scorecard can be used across different hiring teams to measure metrics like time-to-fill, retention and conversion to grade productivity. Ensure that all candidates and employees have the same experience throughout the hiring process.

Furthermore, candidate experience across talent pools and locations should have consistent branding that matches the overall look and feel of your organization. This isn’t consistency for consistency’s sake. LinkedIn research found that employer brand has a significant impact on talent leaders’ ability to hire great talent. When hiring globally, you want to tailor communications and messaging to the appropriate language and be conscious of every culture you’re targeting, but the essence of your organization should be felt when you scale your company into new markets.

3.   Establish a single source of truth

Disparate hiring teams or processes can not only impact recruiter productivity, but it can also lead to data errors and noncompliance. Centralized teams and processes create a single source of truth for hiring activities. Your organization can benefit from historical data captured in a unified platform because this information can inform future hiring decisions across markets. Integrating all your talent acquisition tools protects against human error and creates the data visibility required to scale your business globally.

Learn more by viewing our recent webinar from the Best Practices in Action Series, “How Hertz Uses Technology to Drive Talent Acquisition Globally”, to see how you can:

  • Centralize teams and processes to improve productivity
  • Support GDPR compliance with iCIMS
  • Manage recruitment across multiple countries in one system
  • Streamline recruitment workflows

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