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Remote work is powered by recruitment teams (and their ATS)

Emily McMichael
March 25, 2021

COVID-19 fueled long-term change within the workplace. The transformation isn’t over.

“More than 20 percent of the workforce could work remotely three to five days a week as effectively as they could if working from an office,” according to research from McKinsey. “If remote work took hold at that level, that would mean three to four times as many people working from home than before the pandemic.”

The ongoing evolution of a new approach to work – including the prevalence of remote or hybrid models – will continue to impact hiring. For recruiters and organizations to successfully navigate these changes, they need a strong applicant tracking system (ATS) that empowers them to recruit, hire, and onboard people worldwide.

A strong applicant tracking system will help recruiters make the most of the evolving world of work by:

  • Expanding reach to include remote, diverse talent
  • Simplifying automated processes for large workforces
  • Maximizing productivity with a remote-friendly approach

Expand and diversify your reach with ATS

When asked, 88% of HR leaders said they hadn’t effectively increased diverse representation in 2020. The wrong applicant tracking software may be part of the issue.

When your ATS doesn’t support global search, your efforts are naturally limited to local. Not only does this limit the number of eligible applicants, but you also reduce the opportunity to reach a more diverse talent pool. A strong applicant tracking software can help you address this challenge in 2021 and beyond.

Powered by an ATS that utilizes AI, recruiters have the opportunity to not only expand their search but also find a diverse group of potential candidates who possess the skills and abilities the organization needs. Whether it’s veteran status, age, disability, gender, or any other characteristic, recruiters have access to a variety of tools and sources within the ATS to attract diverse talent.

Simplify processes and protect business outcomes with applicant tracking software

Regardless of the situation, hiring on a large scale isn’t easy. Whether it’s for specific initiatives or to meet seasonal staffing needs, a strong ATS will provide recruiters with tools to simplify and improve large and small recruitment efforts. With an applicant tracking system, it’s possible to communicate with large populations of potential employees, customize messages, and build a pipeline that helps you scale.

As organizations expand to meet talent demands by tapping into remote employees, an ATS with AI can elevate the best candidates and even support global hiring with language assessments. In these ways, the applicant tracking software is not only helping simplify the processes but it’s also helping ensure you achieve the best hiring outcomes for your business.

Maximize the benefits of a remote-friendly recruitment approach with an ATS

Even before the pandemic, candidates who were already employed may have had difficulty taking time off to attend in-person interviews. Additionally, hosting out-of-town candidates for interviews was costly. Now, with travel and social distancing constraints, it’s challenging to have an in-person interview.

For organizations without a strong employer brand, limiting recruiting to an in-person approach can diminish your options. Make it easier and empower your recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates with an ATS that is part of a larger talent acquisition software platform that offers options for video interviews, texting, and pre-hire assessments. Adding this convenience level to your applicant tracking system is also a productivity boost for slim hiring teams.

Talent risk is now the largest threat to CEOs, according to KPMG. Vacant positions cost companies nearly $700 per day. Knowing that talent is a big risk and seeing the cost that open positions bring, employers must maintain and enhance their hiring strategies. The best approach starts with strong applicant tracking software. Recruiters, leaders, and organizations need the right ATS to get the necessary talent into the organization to power tomorrow’s remote workforce.

To learn more, download the Business Case for a Focused and Inclusive ATS.

Download the Business Case For Focused and Inclusive Hiring Software

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