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NorthStar Anesthesia

How an anesthesia management company made the switch from Workday Recruiting

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Founded by an anesthesiologist and a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) more than 10 years ago, NorthStar Anesthesia provides specialized anesthesia care teams to more than 200 hospitals and surgery centers across the Midwest and Easter U.S.

NorthStar’s typical candidates are highly qualified, hard to find, and require a high-touch approach. Consisting mostly of anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), these candidates are increasingly expensive to recruit and typically won’t go through a lengthy application process.


Increase in positions filled per month


Decrease in physician-vacancy rate


Hours of productivity gained per day, per recruiter

NorthStar's approach

NorthStar needed a solution that could help it scale for the future. NorthStar initially considered remaining full suite with Workday, but understood that doing so could negatively impact its bottom line. NorthStar’s leadership team decided to keep Workday for core HCM processes and seek a dedicated recruitment platform that could support its complex hiring needs.

Several of NorthStar’s current employees had partnered with iCIMS in the past and voiced their appreciation of iCIMS’ great support and service. NorthStar was impressed to discover that four of its largest competitors were also using iCIMS’ technology.

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Pulling data out of Workday was so difficult that we just could not get anything we needed in any useful format.


Laptop screen showing the career page for NorthStar Anesthesia

With iCIMS, NorthStar can:

Provide its specialized candidates with a high-touch, personalized experience, while leveraging automation for scale.

Integrate the iCIMS Talent Cloud with Workday to improve the quality of new-hire data by giving its HR team the ability to audit and verify it.

“With iCIMS, fills per month have increased by 50%.” said Tessa Guevara, regional director of CRNA services.

We chose the best in class recruiting platform to maximize the quality and functionality of the experience and minimize the wasted motion for all users –recruiters, candidates and hiring managers.


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