iCIMS Announces Collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

HOLMDEL, N.J. [May 6, 2020] – iCIMS, Inc., the market-leading cloud recruiting platform provider, today announced a new partnership with Microsoft, paving the way for future collaboration and innovation. To further streamline hiring practices, iCIMS has joined the Microsoft partner ecosystem as a recruiting software provider to bring Dynamics 365 Human Resources users comprehensive talent acquisition solutions. This builds on the current partnership between iCIMS and LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

“Software tools used by today’s workforce need to seamlessly integrate across workflows,” said Michael Wilczak, executive vice president of corporate development at iCIMS. “This partnership offers Dynamics 365 Human Resources customers unique access to both a best-in-class recruitment platform and market-leading HCM solution. The integration between iCIMS and Dynamics 365 Human Resources will allow recruiting professionals to accomplish core tasks within their go-to collaboration platform, ultimately increasing efficiency and fueling stronger productivity.”

The API-based integration between iCIMS and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources will facilitate secure, bi-directional data exchanges between both platforms. Mutual users will be able to transfer new hire information and automate existing employee data synchronization across both systems.

“We share a vision with iCIMS for a unified, end-to-end talent ecosystem,” said Laurel Reitman, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. “The way employees work and how companies hire is changing, and there is an unprecedented need for technology to support that – especially in today’s climate where many employers are tasked with doing more with less. Through this partnership, mutual users will be empowered to attract and hire people seamlessly between iCIMS and Microsoft.”

About iCIMS

iCIMS is a leading provider of talent acquisition technology that enables organizations everywhere to build winning workforces. For over 20 years, iCIMS has been at the forefront of talent acquisition transformation. iCIMS empowers thousands of organizations worldwide with the right tools to meet their evolving needs across the talent journey and drive business success. Its AI-powered hiring platform is designed to improve efficiency, cut recruiting costs and build exceptional experiences for candidates and recruiters. For more information, visit www.icims.com.