4 ways to save time and money by making hiring more efficient

Great talent builds organizations that last. Important as they are, it’s not products or services that get you through boom times, tech disruptions, and market upheaval. It’s the people behind these scenes who make it happen.

Don’t leave hiring to chance. We’ve isolated a few best practices that help organizations large and small make great hires. Here’s how to save time and money by making your hiring process more efficient:

  • If someone is interested enough to apply for a job, don’t let go of that connection. Even if you don’t hire them for that one, continue building relationships with candidates.
  • Hiring the right candidate includes evaluating cognitive abilities, identifying the best fit, and evaluating behavior traits. Use prescreens and assessments to get the data you need to make informed decisions.
  • Keep it simple and straightforward when you extend an offer. Make it easy for candidates to accept with digital, mobile-friendly letters and forms.
  • Engage new hires before day one with intentional onboarding. A digital process will help you streamline the paperwork and create connections and a sense of belonging that inspires employees to stay.

Stay in touch with your talent networks

Once someone has taken the time to apply, keep the connection going. Even if you didn’t hire them for that role, another might open up later that is a good fit.

Recruiting software can help you ensure that virtual hiring practices are personalized and specific for each candidate. Make it easy to stay in touch by keeping digital copies of candidate data in your applicant tracking  system (ATS).

Additionally, candidate relationship management (CRM) software helps you to forge stronger relationships with the right talent when integrated with your ATS. Your CRM organizes candidates so you can check in by phone, email, or text to let candidates know that you’re thinking of them – and when a job they’d be a good fit for becomes available.

Use tools to find the best match

Applications, resumes, and interviews all provide essential information about candidates. However, you can increase the odds of finding the best match by adding some unbiased data to the mix. Prescreens and assessments will deliver the insights you need.

Start by saving time with prescreens to assess for person-specific and job-related skills. Take it a step further with next-gen assessments that measure effective communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, time management, and language proficiency skills. Use the data to rate candidates and determine who is qualified to move on to the next step in your hiring process.

Make it easy for candidates to say “yes” to your job offers

In an era when it takes just minutes to order almost anything we want online, you must make it easy for candidates to say “yes” to your offer. At a minimum, clunky forms will delay your response rate. At worst, they might discourage candidates from accepting the offer.

Given that 15% of adults in America are “smartphone-only” internet users, mobile-friendly offers are best. Use offer letter management to make it easy for candidates to review, sign, and submit their acceptance from any device.

Onboard new employees in a way that inspires them to stay

Once you’ve spent valuable time attracting, engaging, and hiring talent, ensure you’re encouraging them to stay. Providing a powerful onboarding experience is one of the first chances you have to reinforce a positive connection.

The investment in employee onboarding software is worth it. Nearly 70% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for more than three years if their onboarding experience was great. In the world of remote work, virtual onboarding has become an even more integral part of managing and maintaining the employee experience.

Set new hires up for success with a process that streamlines signing required employment forms, establishes the plan for first-day connections, and provides access to valuable orientation and ongoing training. Use applicant tracking software that includes an integrated onboarding portal for this vital step.

Most businesses don’t succeed based solely on their product’s success. They succeed and grow based on who they hire. Leverage these proven and cost-effective practices to start hiring the employees who will help your organization succeed.

Download our Guide to hiring talent to learn how to use these four simple strategies to hire the talent you need efficiently.


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