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3 reasons you don’t want to miss the INSPIRE 2021 European Summit

October 6, 2021
iCIMS Staff
7 min read

As the pandemic lingers, workers still often start and leave new jobs without meeting their colleagues in person. While the pandemic opened many doors for businesses to operate through virtual and hybrid settings, other companies still struggle to hire for in-person positions. Whether hiring for remote, hybrid, or in-person roles, the hiring landscape is much different than before the pandemic and will continue to evolve.  

According to iCIMS data, demand far outweighs supply as job openings are up nearly 80%, yet job applications lag with an increase of only 5% since the beginning of the year.  

As employers across the globe adapt to an increasingly digital, dispersed work environment, there is an increasing opportunity to rethink how we attract, engage, hire, and advance talent. That said, great opportunities can often bring new challenges to overcome.  

That’s why we’re excited to partner with UNLEASH to host the INSPIRE 2021 European Summit, a virtual conference that brings together more than 2,000 HR leaders and talent and technology innovators to discuss world-class strategies to help your business be the best in class.  

We’ve curated a lineup of leading minds who will bring their unique perspectives to the major shifts that talent leaders are experiencing every day and will continue to face as we move into 2022. Join us if you want to connect with like-minded people in the talent community and up your talent transformation game in Europe and across the globe.  

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn during this year’s event.  

To register for the INSPIRE 2021 European Summit, click here.  

Rethink candidate experiences and employee career paths 

With digital transformation spilling into the world of work, it is no surprise that we also see significant shifts in what candidates expect from the recruitment and onboarding experience.  

A poor candidate experience can prevent organizations from winning over the best talent and create a missed opportunity to onboard a turbocharged and loyal workforce.  

At INSPIRE 2021 European Summit, Vanessa Karadimos Tonki, Director of Global Talent Acquisition Tools and Technology at Expleo Group, Faye Woodhead, Global Head of Talent Attraction and Mobility at MSCI, Aimée Meher-Homji, Global Head of Talent Acquisition for Adidas, and Christophe Vanden Eede, Global Head of Talent Management at ING, will discuss how you can deliver stronger, more connected candidate experiences.  

These talent innovators from leading retail, digital banking, financial, and technology giants will share how their teams apply consumer marketing trends to provide an experience that people enjoy. You’ll want to attend this session if you’re looking for advice and perspective on how to provide a candidate experience worth talking about. 

Additionally, it’s crucial that talent professionals focus on more than external candidates. As competition grows, reskilling and retraining have become top considerations in developing an internal talent pipeline. A strategic internal mobility program can help give employees more control over their journey and career path. Talent teams should consider building talent advancement and mobility into their larger strategy to improve the employee experience.  

Don’t know where to start? We are bringing together a dynamic group of CHROs and talent leaders to dig deep into their processes and strategies and share how they make global talent mobility their strategic advantage. Katarina Berg, Chief Human Resources Officer at Spotify, Jane Datta, Chief Human Capital Officer at NASA, and Cecile Decourtray, Partner of Consulting People & Change at KPMG will share their recipes for creating frictionless internal mobility programs.

Check out iCIMS’ new solution, Opportunity Marketplace, designed to improve employee experience, retention, and reduce internal talent mobility friction. 

Learn the importance of talent strategy 

iCIMS’ diverse community of customers have seen how an intelligent, data-driven talent strategy can lead to better business outcomes. Among those sharing their stories are Kingfisher plc, the international home improvement company and parent company of B&Q and Screwfix.  

Martin Fahy, Talent Acquisition Manager for Screwfix, and Russel Parsons, Head of Attraction and Resourcing for B&Q, will share how they navigate challenges during a period of rapid growth for their organizations.  

With millions of Europeans spending more time in their homes than ever before, home improvement projects are happening at accelerated rates. The massive structural change toward working from home has made people look at the space within their own four walls differently. Many people are directing money into home improvement projects, both large and small.  

To meet these unique and changing talent needs and fill positions to handle the influx of demand and rapid growth throughout Europe, Fahy and Parsons (and their teams) have upgraded their tech stack and developed a hiring manager-first strategy. Don’t miss how they brought their success to life and how you can apply what they’ve learned from giving more control and accountability to in-store hiring managers. 

You’ll also hear from Mark Eckert, Director of Talent Mobility & Immigration at Uber, about how the company is adapting to unique market conditions in real-time. Discover Uber’s philosophy around opportunity and its approach to internal talent mobility, as well as how the company is using user-generated video content to transform its talent engagement strategy and modernize experiences to attract, engage, hire, and advance the right talent. 

Supercharge your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program with an equitable hiring strategy 

DEI initiatives have always been important, but there is a renewed focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Organizations are taking action, upgrading their tech stack, and making real changes to deliver on their DEI journey and goals to provide a more inclusive experience and build more diverse talent pipelines and teams.  

Talent leaders that struggle to deliver on their DEI goals can take a note or two from a DEI-focused discussion with Markus Graf, Global Head of Talent at Novartis, Kirsty Leivers, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at AXA, Vera Gramkow, Global Head of Talent at DHL Express, and James Watson, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Management at Finastra. This dynamic group will share their experiences and lessons learned from their journeys of moving towards a fair and equitable hiring strategy that attracts and recruits a variety of top talent. 

But that’s not all – participants will hear from Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Professor of Business Psychology at University College London and Visiting Professor atColumbia UniversityinNew York, who will deliver the keynote address on the evolving ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) in creating an equitable, sustainable hiring strategy. He will be followed by Thomas Otter of Otter Advisory, who will outline the key trends driving modern talent acquisition.  

We’re thrilled to hear from this group of experts and thought leaders and hope you’ll join us on 21 October for a day of industry exploration and professional growth. Register for free here.  

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