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Here’s the bottom line: Everything is accelerating and being redesigned. Right now.

Mark Brandau
April 20, 2021

Stay ahead of the curve with iCIMS Spring Release


As we emerge from the pandemic, everything about our industry is accelerating: hiring, interest among candidates and employees to switch jobs, and technology investments in talent acquisition software.

You can’t check a news or analyst source without seeing some mention of the acceleration and redesign of talent and talent technology.

A few quick examples from Harvard Business Review and Gartner:

  • The half-life of skills is accelerating: Time to rethink screening and candidate engagement. Positions filled today in crucial functions such as finance, IT, and sales will require up to 10 new skills within 18 months. This means your hiring plans should focus, amongst other things, on candidate adaptability. It also requires you to assess candidates constantly.
  • Ping pong and free snacks no longer matter to candidates: Authenticity does. 65% of candidates halted the application process because they found some aspects of the job or company unattractive. Candidates are scrutinizing companies more than ever. Focusing on employee value propositions and candidate expectations is key.
  • Traditional talent pools are outdated: Non-traditional pools are emerging and help DEI. Highly gifted candidates can be found outside traditional talent clusters, such as leading universities and technical colleges 

If you feel a bit behind and fed-up, you’re not alone. Most TA technology is not designed to help you move forward. As Josh Bersin mentioned in his report HR Technology 2021: The Definitive Guide, “Big companies are fed up with all the niche recruiting applications they buy.”

What to do?  Well, as Bersin advised, “…pick one core TA platform, and consider the niche products somewhat replaceable.” Bersin goes on to mention that iCIMS is “a new breed of platform.” And our Spring Release continues to support his premise, where we’re introducing new capabilities to help you stay one step ahead in today’s market.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • New intelligent talent matching to find your ideal candidate. With candidates and applicants on the rise, we now help you efficiently find your ideal match. You can select an ‘ideal’ candidate profile and automatically identify similar candidates based on skills and experience.
  • More innovations to the recently introduced Dynamic Candidate Profile. With more continuous, immediate candidate insight needed, we now provide a new ‘quick view’ to see how a candidate is engaging across your business, plus new message notifications that lead to a message center to view and initiate email, text, and chat communications.
  • New DEI analytics to build a more equitable hiring process. With the emergence of new non-traditional talent pools, you can now get insight into where historically underrepresented candidates are dropping off in the hiring process. Available now in the iCIMS Early Access program.
  • Welcome new talent with authentic employee videos that capture and convey what to expect. As you move beyond referencing free snacks, you can now reimagine the digital offer and onboarding experience with employee-generated video content through iCIMS Video Studio that provides insight and clarity for expectations and culture.

Watch our video for a better look at these highlights:


These are just some of the talent acquisition innovations in our Spring Release. Read more about all of the highlights here.

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