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The #1 ATS in market share1, we're here to help your recruiting team overcome your most difficult hiring challenges. Our cloud-based recruiting software is built for both commercial and large, global employers.

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Recruiting technology you can count on to achieve results

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The recruiting landscape is constantly shifting. That’s why we’re investing in the future of talent acquisition, including automation and pre-screening tools.

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

True diversity hiring goes beyond top of the funnel tactics. Our holistic approach can help your recruiters attract and retain global talent from all backgrounds.

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You need recruiting solutions purpose-built for high growth. Whether you’re hiring 500 locally or 50,000 worldwide, we help you find the right people for the job.

Watch your productivity skyrocket

AI-powered automation available at every step of the hiring process helps recruiters focus less on manual tasks and more on getting the right candidate hired.

Kick-off your recruiting process with ease

  • Streamline job management using templates with pre-approved content for jobs, emails, offer letters and more.
  • Keep stakeholders aligned and informed by submitting candidates, offers and jobs through pre-defined approval chains.
  • Get more applicants with integrated job board posting and job advertising capabilities.
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AI helps you focus on the most promising candidates

  • Surface best-fit candidates for newly created jobs.
  • Save time by automating candidate suggestions.
  • Easily manage and prioritize the volume of candidates through automated candidate comparison, ranking, and job matching.
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Streamline candidate interactions

  • ​Keep your organization’s messaging to candidates consistent with flexible email templates​.
  • Communicate with candidates via their preferred method – email, text or video.
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Reduce manual scheduling and free up recruiters’ time

  • Save time with interview scheduling templates for commonly used interview types.
  • Accelerate the interview process with candidate self-scheduling based on predetermined interviewer availability.
  • Communicate with candidates where they are by inviting them to interview via SMS/text​.
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Tailor hiring workflows to your specific needs

  • Configure the ATS according to your unique business processes.
  • Make changes to your ATS when you need them to happen – no support required (but we’re always here if you need us).
  • Provide users with a personalized launch pad to get more done. Dashboards can be tailored per login group, role or person with relevant information.
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Meet the AI coming to our ATS

The GenAI-powered recruiting assistant built to deliver unparalleled productivity and insights across the talent acquisition and mobility lifecycle.

iCIMS has been able to adapt with us as we change and grow at a rapid pace. We've heard vendors say 'we are flexible to your needs and you can customize everything,' only to hear them later say 'we can't do that.' iCIMS has actually been able to deliver.

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Reporting & analytics your team will actually want to use

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Report on data from ATS to measure and act on the metrics that matter most to your team.

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Optimize your recruitment processes and measure your ROI thanks to the various reports (time to fill and time to hire).

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Make your performance visible – schedule reports to stakeholders and executives.

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Support compliance initiatives with the ability to capture and report on EEO data.

Report on data from ATS to measure and act on the metrics that matter most to your team.

Optimize your recruitment processes and measure your ROI thanks to the various reports (time to fill and time to hire).

Make your performance visible – schedule reports to stakeholders and executives.

Support compliance initiatives with the ability to capture and report on EEO data.

More than 4,000 customers and growing, our community of talent professionals includes creatives, visionaries, and experts from all over the globe. Get access to community resources including forums, events, webinars, and awards when you become a customer.


Yes. Because it’s part of the iCIMS Talent Cloud, our ATS (along with the rest of our recruiting solutions) integrates with most HCM or payroll vendors, creating a two-way flow of data. This makes activities such as cost analysis, onboarding and internal candidate search more efficient. Some of our most common integrations include Workday, SAP, SuccessFactors, ADP, Oracle, and UKG. Check out our developer resources for more information about our integrations.

Yes, we integrate many recruitment solutions that we centralize on a single interface, iCIMS Talent Cloud. Our Marketplace offers more than 300 products from your favorite publishers, such as solutions for background checks, talent assessments, access to our service and consulting partners, and more.

We pride ourselves on working with our customers to help solve their problems, advise them and provide excellent general support. As we explain in more detail in our support and maintenance policy, technical support is available by phone or online with an availability rate of 99.9%. You can also connect to a network of passionate recruitment professionals on our online Talent Community. You’ll find additional resources here, including forums, customer programs, events and webinars, and more.

iCIMS clients benefit from a global view of their recruiting data. We offer detailed analytical dashboards, configurable according to your needs, which allow access to essential information at a glance. Share high-level reports with executives or get to the heart of the matter with your system administrators and recruiters. Our analytics are flexible, customizable and give you the necessary insight into recruitment performance, including diversity initiatives, across your workforce.

We consider recruitment as an essential mission. This is why we strive to create, innovate and develop the best possible recruitment solutions. We also believe that every company, every department and every team has different needs. Instead of asking you to conform to a one-size-fits-all system, we allow you to configure your assignments and recruitment process in the way that makes the most sense for your team to provide the best candidate experience possible.

We provide a platform designed with the intention of ensuring advanced data and privacy protection to enable companies to build secure, agile and compliant hiring processes. We protect your teams, partners and candidates with a global security and defense program applied across our organization. To learn more about our security and data encryption protocols, visit our Trust Center.

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