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Talent attraction is evolving. Are your teams ready for the change?

August 23, 2022
iCIMS Staff
5 min read

As the labor market shifts, TA tech must change at a rapid pace to help recruiting teams  keep up with new demands. The Great Recession added more pressure to show better ROI, and even as the landscape evolves, that expectation remains. Talent attraction is more important than ever. Teams need a way to nurture top talent during slow periods and an effective conversion strategy for when hiring picks up again. To do this successfully, recruiters need better ways to identify skills, expanded automation, and deeper talent acquisition insights. That’s why our summer release includes several new iCIMS CRM capabilities to elevate your TA team’s recruitment marketing activities in these areas. 


Check on your team’s performance

Hiring Conversion, Candidate Engagement, and Recruiter Usage analytics are now embedded directly within your CRM dashboard. With embedded analytics, you can identify potential opportunities and pitfalls in your sourcing strategy as part of your workflow, without having to leave the CRM, for more efficient decision-making. 

To learn how to use this most effectively, we’ll follow a day in the life of Sanjay the recruiting manager. Right after Sanjay grabs his morning cup of coffee, he logs into iCIMS CRM and decides to check out the Hiring Conversion dashboard to see which sources yield the best results. He then clicks over to the Candidate Engagement dashboard to learn more about how his campaigns contribute to conversion and engagement. 

He notices that the campaigns aren’t performing as well as they did last month, so he checks on the Recruiter Usage analytics to see which features are underutilized and identify the recruiters that could use some extra coaching in terms of where to spend their time. Now, he’s ready for his next team meeting. 


Embedded analytics dashboards in iCIMS Candidate Relationship Management 


Use applied intelligence to notify candidates of jobs

Your teams can now automate emails to passive candidates so they can easily discover relevant open roles. With job alerts, candidates can indicate their job interests or recruiters can set up an AI-powered search that matches talent with reqs based on skills and experience. These alerts are a hands-off way to help increase applicant conversion rates and build quality pipelines faster. 

AI in the iCIMS Talent Cloud is “applied intelligence,” meaning it can be used for various use cases across the talent acquisition lifecycle. For accuracy, AI in the iCIMS Talent Cloud uses a combination, or “ensemble,” of multiple AI engines to assess the job fit using job titles, job experience, length of experience, and related jobs. Since it only takes objective data into account, and our engineering teams follow responsible AI guidelines, TA teams can reduce bias in the screening process. 

Let’s say Sanjay notices that he’s over budget on job site sourcing but has aggressive conversion goals this quarter. He can boost conversions without any extra spend by switching on job alerts, encouraging teams to use the AI talent matching daily to surface (previously unnoticed) top talent, and setting up targeted, req-centric campaigns to candidates in their AI-powered talent pipelines. 


Build better pipelines and more targeted campaigns

Your recruiters can now create and assign a candidate sourcing workflow status. For example, Millie goes through all the resumes in the Women in Engineering pipeline, so she updates the workflow status to “reviewed” so other recruiters know she’s working on that group of talent. Then, Robert takes the early talent pipeline he built last week after a university recruiting event and sets the workflow status to “event attendee.” Now Robert can segment that pipeline based on who was at the event and add them to a more relevant campaign based on the fact that they’re more familiar with the company than the those in other early career talent pools.  

Sanjay, interested in finding out which candidates have already been engaged by his team members, can view the workflow status and get an idea of which candidates will potentially convert faster and review if they have the skills needed for some upcoming reqs. 


We are on a roll with iCIMS CRM enhancements, and we certainly aren’t stopping with the Summer release. iCIMS is rolling out some game-changing capabilities in the fall to empower TA teams to attract talent in a way you’ve never seen, going way beyond the first generation of CRM technology. To be the first to see what’s next in recruitment marketing technology, register here for INSPIRE 2022 on Nov. 17.  

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