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Business and hiring plans changing, again? We got you.

July 26, 2022
iCIMS Staff
4 min read

Our Summer ’22 Release can improve your agility – and ability to optimize talent acquisition and retention.   

The iCIMS Insights June Workforce report showed a continued increase in job openings (49%), yet only a 12% increase in job applications. Across all industries, the talent gap remains real. However, our data also shows this varies across industries, and positions. With some areas showing signs of slower growth.  

Whether you’re speeding up, slowing down, or somewhere in between, iCIMS Summer ’22 Release can help you more effectively (and efficiently) attract, engage, hire, and advance talent—all from one dynamic, AI-driven Talent Cloud platform.   


You can increase your agility and provide more bottom-line business value with new ways to optimize, automate, and strengthen talent engagement. Here are some of the highlights:  

  • Optimize job distribution with NEW Job Advertising, integrated directly within iCIMS ATS. Build and launch global, on-demand job advertising campaigns to thousands of job boards – without juggling complex, long-term vendor contracts.  
  • This is my personal favorite… Automatically match candidates to opportunities based on their resume – which they just drag and drop into our Digital Assistant. Put simply, a candidate can now drag and drop their resume into the chatbot, and it will automatically parse it, apply our AI, and match the candidate to recommended opportunities based on their skills and experiences.   
  • In addition to our recently announced acquisition of Candidate.ID to provide Marketing Automation, we’re also adding more automation and insight about candidates in our iCIMS CRM with enhanced pipeline workflow statuses, automated job alerts, and easily accessible analytics.  
  • Here’s another unique benefit of the iCIMS Talent Cloud – with our Summer Release, following Onboarding, you can keep talent engaged with our Opportunity Marketplace’s new Guided Start – which provides a step-by-step tour to help talent create their career journey with your organization. All from one iCIMS Talent Cloud 

More? – Yep, there’s a lot more in our Summer Release, including enhanced self-scheduling for multi-person, multi-meeting interviews, simplified integrations between ADP® Workforce Now Next-Gen HCM, ADP® Next Gen HCM, and SAP® SuccessFactors®, and expanded advisory services with the introduction of iCIMS Insights+.  

Click here for more details and additional information on everything in our Summer ’22 Release. 

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