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How the iCIMS Talent Cloud compares to other talent acquisition software

August 10, 2021
iCIMS Staff
11 min read

One of the most challenging aspects of building the ideal recruiting software tech stack is finding solutions that give you all the capabilities you need. Many organizations struggle to measure their recruiting performance and market open positions because they depend on a piecemeal collection of solutions to make it happen.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, HR software, and back-office applications all include features that affect your recruiting efforts. But on their own, these solutions can’t help you build a winning workforce.

Here, we’ll compare the iCIMS Talent Cloud to other popular recruiting solutions and explore how it provides you with all the features you need throughout the talent acquisition lifecycle. First, let’s explore why a holistic talent acquisition tool is so important.

SAP SuccessFactors*
Eightfold AI®***
Corenerstone OnDemand***
Applicant Tracking
High Volume Hourly
Virtual Career Fairs
Recruiting Marketing
Video Interviewing
Language Assessments

*ERP **Payroll ***Point Solutions

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Recruiters need a holistic talent acquisition tool

As the market stands, many of the latest and most popular applicant tracking systems come with essential features like recruitment marketing tools. However, their features may not be as robust as you and your candidates want. They may not fully support modern talent acquisition requirements or have innovative features, like virtual career fairs.

Similarly, popular ERP systems like Oracle and SAP may provide you with applicant tracking and onboarding features. Still, they won’t provide you with increasingly popular features like video interviewing, text recruiting, or video testimonials.

To build your winning workforce you need an array of capabilities and support features, such as:

iCIMS Talent Cloud provides all these features and more because these are the features today’s candidates expect when applying for a job. In the coming years, it will be perfectly normal for a candidate to apply for a job via text message, have a video interview for a remote position, and attend a career fair for a position far away from where they live.

Candidates will expect to do these things with as little friction as possible. They’ll want recruiters and hiring managers to know who they are before they ever hop on a phone call or a video meeting. iCIMS’ Dynamic Candidate Profile allows recruiters to get to know the candidate before hitting “join meeting.” Building this environment is only possible with a solution that provides you with all these features and makes it easy to analyze and report on your efforts.

Below, we’ll explore the different types of solutions available on the market. We’ll also compare them to the iCIMS Talent Cloud to get an idea of how this innovative platform fills the gaps left by other solutions.

ERP solutions don’t support next-generation engagement

Popular ERP systems like Oracle and SAP SuccessFactors tick many of the most important boxes when it comes to talent acquisition software. With these tools, you can get applicant tracking and onboarding features, but you can also get recruiting marketing tools, sourcing data, and a CRM from third parties requiring additional costs and integrations.

However, there are some significant gaps in these solutions. Unlike iCIMS, their staff don’t focus 100% on talent acquisition, and companies may request more candidate engagement once candidates have applied.

ERP systems are designed to integrate a company’s business processes and make them easier to manage. Most solutions allow a user to manage a company’s financials, supply chain, and human resource activities all in one place. They are not designed to sufficiently handle candidates.

They also aren’t explicitly designed as a recruiting tool. Although ERPs come with some recruiting features, they lack many engagement features that define what candidates expect from the hiring process.

With the iCIMS Talent Cloud, you can get candidate engagement features including:

  • Virtual career fairs & campus recruiting
  • Video interviewing
  • Employee-generated video testimonials for improved recruitment marketing ROI
  • Texting and text-to-hire
  • Language assessments
  • AI capabilities and automation with our digital assistant

Solutions like Oracle may come with texting and chatbots, but do not include the other features above. Meanwhile, SAP SuccessFactors doesn’t have any of the features listed above, and Workday lacks even more features, such as recruiting marketing tools and a CRM.

If you want a platform that encompasses all these features, you need iCIMS Talent Cloud.

Payroll solutions lack robust marketing tools

Payroll solutions like ADP and UKG (formerly Kronos) are designed primarily for human capital management and payroll. Although they come with essential tools like an ATS and onboarding features, they don’t come with much else that can help you attract and engage talent.

If you want to run a recruitment marketing campaign, you won’t be able to do so with a payroll solution. They focus on getting employees paid on-time and accurately—candidate-facing operations aren’t their strong suit.

iCIMS Talent Cloud goes beyond treating people as numbers and brings personalization to attracting great talent. Our solution provides you with features like virtual career fairs, video interviewing, and texting. Payroll solutions don’t offer any of these features, nor do they come with the following:

  • Recruiting marketing
  • Sourcing
  • CRM

This makes marketing to candidates a challenge unless you integrate your payroll solution with another recruitment marketing tool. And even then, you may not get all the features you need.

Other recruiting point solutions aren’t holistic

Several other point solutions that are designed specifically for recruiting don’t work within your day-to-day workflow, like Microsoft Teams. iCIMS integrates with your workflow and includes recruitment marketing features, onboarding features, and, in some cases, even text recruiting and video interviewing tools.

No other point solutions out there provide all the features included with the iCIMS Talent Cloud. Simply put, other solutions must build and maintain integrations with other side systems. iCIMS provides an all-in-one point solution.

As other point solutions have bolt-on AI that lack learning and context, iCIMS deploys our in-house AI engines that we built custom for talent acquisition. Plus, our solution operates alongside your day-to-day workflow, like Microsoft Teams. Other point solutions simply don’t stack up.

Phenom, for example, doesn’t include an applicant tracking system or onboarding features. If you want everything from AI-integrated automated digital assistance to applicant tracking, iCIMS Talent Cloud is the only solution on the market that gives you end-to-end features.

Create a holistic talent acquisition process with the iCIMS Talent Cloud

You shouldn’t have to settle for a talent acquisition solution that only includes a scattering of important recruiting features. You shouldn’t have to go through the hassle of integrating your solution with other tools because there are gaps in your recruiting capabilities.

The iCIMS Talent Cloud includes all the features mentioned in this article and more, such as offer management and iCIMS Video Studio, which helps employees create video testimonials. iCIMS customers gain new capabilities all the time thanks to regular updates and rollouts of new features.

See the iCIMS Talent Cloud in action to find out if it’s right for your organization.

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