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Inspiring internal talent with iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace

March 3, 2022
iCIMS Staff
7 min read

iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace can help you transform your internal mobility strategy, inspire your employees to grow, and retain your talent. Learn what’s new in the iCIMS Talent Cloud Winter 2022 release. 

We’re excited to continue to support internal mobility for iCIMS Talent Cloud customers but even more thrilled to enhance the way people plan and approach their career journey. In the iCIMS Talent Cloud Winter 2022 release, we’re breaking down the hesitation and fear around moving jobs within the company. The iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace helps create easy, transparent, and engaging experiences for everyone to truly inspire and reconnect people to their organization. 




Getting familiar with iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace

An internal career site is essential for your talent agility strategy, creating a destination for employees to apply to open roles. But iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace, part of the iCIMS Talent Cloud platform, goes beyond that by allowing you to proactively connect with talent and build meaningful and authentic conversations around growth– rather than deflect and push talent to look externally for their next career move.   

Let’s look at the highlights for the latest release of iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace: 

  • An internal career site designed to inform, educate, and remove some of the friction around mobility. Customers who add iCIMS Video Studio for employee video testimonials or iCIMS Digital Assistant for on-site chat can create for their employees the same stellar candidate experience that their external candidates enjoy. 
  • Employee Skills Profile that is generated from the resume and allows employees to signal their potential to you 
  • AI-powered employee to job matching that shares personalized role recommendations based on an employee’s unique skillset without requiring any searching. (This feature can potentially serve up roles employees might not have previously considered, encouraging them to explore new positions they are most qualified for.) 
  • Dynamic Talent Profile mobility view for talent and hiring teams to gain a more complete view of a person’s skills and job matches  
  • And much more to come in 2022!  


Employee Skills Profile

The Employee Skills Profile is designed to help talent advance their careers and to help organizations more easily match their internal talent to open jobs. Through the iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace, employees can confirm and build out their skillset – and then effortlessly match to open roles – while on the back-end the organization gains visibility into each person’s potential.   

Encourage employees to approve, build, and manage their Employee Skills Profile to: 

  • Confirm AI-powered inferred skills based on resume, current job title, and previous job history 
  • Provide a more complete and current view on skills acquired 
  • Quickly qualify and match to open jobs 
  • Enrich career discussions with managers   


Dynamic Talent Profile – Mobility View

You might have made promises on internal mobility to new and/or existing employees – and now you have the tools to act on them. The Dynamic Talent Profile within iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace not only sources important information to prepare for conversations with employees (displaying details like skills, education, and work history); but also provides AI-powered role recommendations unique to each person’s skills profile.

Managers can also use this mobility view to support each team member’s career aspirations, be more consultative and supportive, and advocate for their people.

The mobility view can provide insight to help:

  • Better understand each employee’s skills and how they match to open roles
  • Improve the outcomes of 1:1s and performance reviews
  • Support employee’s career ambitions
  • Build a culture of internal mobility by recommending team members for open roles
  • Quickly allow talent teams to contact an employee for an open role


Digital Assistant Employee Centric Q&A

This month we added a new employee-centric version of iCIMS Digital Assistant that places the AI-powered chatbot on the iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace. This chatbot can quickly answer employee’s FAQs and deliver important information to help remove any fear or hesitation they may have about mobility.

iCIMS Digital Assistant can answer questions about:

  • Internal mobility policies that might feel uncomfortable to ask a hiring manager directly
  • The application process to provide transparency
  • General interview information to help prepare employees for discussions
  • Career advancement opportunities and more


Video Studios Employee Mobility Workspace

Nearly nine out of ten people want more video content from brands – with the average person watching nearly 19 hours of videos each week (source). Take this opportunity to boost engagement and share mobility stories through the lens of your employees. Not only does video content resonate with a younger workforce but it can be used across different campaigns (email, text, career sites).

iCIMS Video Studio empowers you to:

  • Easily source video content created by employees and quickly edit to include logos, text, and images to reinforce internal recruitment brand
  • Personalize the employee experience by adding video content into job descriptions or share the content via iCIMS Digital Assistant employee-centric chatbot
  • Embed videos into internal mobility emails to share information and inspiring stories around career growth
  • Record short clips from the talent teams or peers for social learning, career coaching, or interview prep
  • Use real-time analytics to make informed decisions and optimizations on content creation


Learn more about how the iCIMS Talent Cloud helps talent teams create authentic conversations with employees and inspire them to grow their careers internally. Visit the iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace.

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