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How to make a recruiting video that embodies your employment brand

December 21, 2022
iCIMS Staff
4 min read

Engaging recruiting videos are a simple, cost-effective way to build an instant connection with job candidates. They give you a unique opportunity to share what it’s like to work at your organization – and attract top talent. Add recruiting videos to any touchpoint in your recruitment strategy where you want to improve engagement: career site, job descriptions, emails, social media, and more.

iCIMS customer data shows that employers that use videos have seen an increase in organic traffic to their career sites by up to 75%. And job seekers can spend up to 37% longer on your site when video testimonials are present. In addition, we’ve seen customers’ applications increase by 34% when job descriptions include videos.

In this blog, you will learn how to make a recruiting video that amplifies your candidate experience.


1. Define your goals

Are you happy with the amount of candidate engagement within your career site and job descriptions? Could your onboarding process use improvement as it welcomes new hires to your organization?

Featuring employees within recruiting videos can enhance any part of your talent acquisition strategy from attracting to nurturing to onboarding. As you plan your strategy, consider how your recruiting videos will support your process, candidates, job seekers, and new hires.

For example, many organizations have transitioned to a remote or hybrid work model. This may present a learning curve for new hires as they adapt to company culture. But it doesn’t have to. Incorporating videos within the onboarding process helps new hires learn more about their role and team directly from their teammates.


2. Choose your channels

Beyond your company career site, your personalized recruitment videos can promote your employment brand on social media, TV ads, or wherever you want to place them.

It’s no surprise that attention-grabbing videos perform well on social media. iCIMS customer data shows that social media that includes employee video content typically generates between 200-300% more engagement. Sharing recruitment videos on your corporate social media account is a great way to grab the attention of passive job seekers.

See how companies like Rockwell Automation produce high-quality, striking video content without the high cost of a production studio.


3. Bring in your employees

Job seeker smiling with a phone and laptop

When you make a recruiting video, let your employees represent – and humanize – your brand. Who better to serve as a brand ambassador than your own talent?

Feature a diverse selection of employees in your recruiting videos to show candidates who you are and bring your brand to life. To promote an environment focused on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), lean on employee resource groups for help. They are known for building inclusive environments for all employees.

This is your chance to make it fun! Your employees can share what they love the most about your company, team or open role – using their own words.


4. Create prompts

Videos are a blank slate, so how do you ensure your employees will convey a message within the video that aligns with your expectations? One way is with a script, but this can leave your videos feeling dry or, worse, inauthentic.

Instead, thought-provoking prompts can guide your employees to deliver detailed, authentic responses while remaining unscripted. Prompts give you more control over what your employees share while allowing them the freedom to answer however they want.

Shape your prompts around employees’ experience with company culture, the role, teammates and employee perks, such as:

  • What are unique perks that [YOUR COMPANY] offers?
  • What are the responsibilities of [OPEN ROLE]?
  • Discuss a goal [YOUR TEAM] accomplished – and how teammates worked together to get there.
  • How has [YOUR COMPANY] helped you advance your career?

Asking these kinds of questions help elicit well-rounded responses that give you what you need to promote your employment brand.


5. Track your impact with analytics

Job seeker working intently at a laptop

Videos can dramatically increase traffic and engagement with your career site and job descriptions. After you incorporate videos into your process, get close to the performance and KPIs of your recruitment marketing through in-depth analytics. Are job seekers spending more time on site? Do job descriptions with videos receive more applicants? Are those who apply to those roles more qualified than applicants without videos? On social media, how do the videos perform against posts without video? Keeping an eye on these insights can help you optimize your strategy and improve engagement.


Ready to make your own recruiting video?

Learn how iCIMS Video Studio enables you to create scalable, custom-branded employee testimonials that help you attract more engaged candidates.

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