5 Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover

With the remnants of Cinco de Mayo in our wake, we’re taking on a hangover all recruiters fear: the hiring hangover. Hiring the right candidates is an ongoing challenge: whether it’s balancing expectations from hiring managers, separating yourself from the recruiting noise, weeding through resumes to find suitable candidates or everything in between. There’s a lot on the line when filling a role, as hiring the wrong candidate can translate into a company loss larger than just financials. We are all aware of the stats around employee turnover, but often overlook the additional company-wide shakeup these missteps cause. Corporate culture, burden on management, and drop in productivity are just a some of the collateral damage that materializes when a new hire goes south.

Here are five simple tips to keep top of mind to help minimize your recruitment regrets:

1Find the Right Job Requisition Cocktail – Before sharing a new job posting, be sure you know exactly what you’re looking for in the role. This is your opportunity to sell the job to the right candidate. Writing a clear job description that details job responsibilities and identifies the skills required to perform those duties can help clarify your needs for the position. Keep the job title concise, using words that are universal and accurate, and provide job seekers with a sense of the organization’s company culture and style.

Highlight the hard and soft skills that are desired for the role.  Hard skills may pop on a resume, but it’s important that the candidates also have all the soft skills to help them succeed. A robust applicant tracking system (ATS), like iCIMS Recruit, allows companies to set job-related screening questions tied to specific positions.

2Develop a Top-Shelf Talent Pool – Did you know 75 percent of job seekers agree that more companies should develop talent pools? Candidates want to stay up to date on company information, including job alerts and other announcements. Connect with passive candidates, stay in touch through social media, enhance your recruiting events and nurture the relationships with candidates. With 63 percent of full-time employees looking for a new job, keeping your company relevant in the job market is vital for a robust talent pool.

3Give Referral Programs a Shot – You want to make sure your candidate is a fit not only for the specific job on hand, but a cultural corporate fit, too. Current employees are the best hiring tools. Referred employees outperform other employees on most aspects of overall company fit, leading to overall job satisfaction and the time employees will stay at a company.

4. Give Your Interview Process a Twist – Look beyond just reviewing resumes, and extend the interview process with fit in mind. You want to see how they react in the moment, not just how their skill set has been positioned on paper. Think beyond your hiring manager, and utilize the people your candidate will be working with on a daily basis. This will help you better gauge if the candidate is a fit for the team and company culture.

Not able to bring your top candidates onsite? The interview process has evolved over the years, and you’re not always in the position to have an onsite interview. Video technology can help! Fifty-two percent of Best-in-Class companies are utilizing video-enabled applications, leading to higher employee retention and higher cost reductions during the interview process.

5. Hire for Need, not Desperation – Panic hiring doesn’t pan out well. By tapping into the top-shelf talent pool or strong referral program you’ve created, you can avoid worrying about the inevitable mistakes made with a desperation hire. Stop procrastinating, always make time for networking and utilize resources to help recruit the people you need, easily and effectively.

Recruiters have a lot on the line when working to fill a role. By implementing these five simple steps, the ongoing challenge of hiring the right candidates can be simplified.


5 Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover

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May 31, 2017


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