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We’re building better GenAI for talent acquisition

October 11, 2023
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The launch of platforms like ChatGPT and DALL-E was the first time most of the public got direct, hands on experience with AI. But those of us who have worked with AI in our professional lives know that the technology has been around for quite some time.  The big change is that adoption and product development is accelerating like never before. It was only about a year ago when we all started to ask ChatGPT to help get stuff done for us. AI has come a long way in that year.

As our CTO Al Smith recently shared, AI is hardly a new, shiny fad for us. Back in 2015, I founded a company called, with my founding team member Adrian Mihai. We were both frustrated candidates on a mission to redesign the candidate experience by empowering recruiters to engage job seekers (like us) in a better way. The AI solution we built applies deep learning at the top of the recruiting funnel. iCIMS acquired in 2020 as part of its mission to deliver trusted, purpose-built AI, with the highest standards of accuracy, usability and trust.

Today, AI is natively embedded throughout the iCIMS Talent Cloud for intelligent candidate and job matching, AI-powered chat, skills matching and more. We are building upon this journey to further elevate the recruiting experience through the power of generative AI.

We hear it time and time again: improving recruiter productivity and efficiency are of critical importance to talent acquisition leaders, especially in light of recent budget and resource constraints. Thankfully, generative AI is one area of innovation that holds tremendous promise.


Introducing iCIMS Copilot, a new GenAI-powered recruiting assistant

iCIMS Copilot will deliver experiences and insights across the talent acquisition lifecycle to help our customers improve efficiency and transform how they build and grow their teams with better decision-making.

We’re building iCIMS Copilot to help talent acquisition teams accelerate hiring, reduce the cost of hiring and give teams a competitive edge. Our new GenAI offerings will help talent teams:

  • Create tailored interview question guides in seconds. iCIMS Copilot will generate interview questions for open requisitions based on defined criteria, including level of experience, skills, industry and more. Recruiters will also be able to use a candidate’s resume to tailor an interview guide for that individual.
  • Optimize job descriptions. Collaborate with iCIMS Copilot as it dynamically marks up your work with recommendations in real time. For example, ask iCIMS Copilot to make an existing senior-level job description more junior and it will suggest changes that cater to less experienced candidates.
  • Navigate talent through their job search and career path with ease. Help candidates and employees get answers to complex questions via an intelligent digital assistant. It will be able to answer questions like “Can you create two different career paths for me based on my current role and skills?”


Will talent acquisition teams use it?

Yes! Generative AI is already driving a seismic shift in the way we work, and it holds incredible potential for talent acquisition teams. According to a recent report from LinkedIn, 68% of recruiters feel positively about generative AI’s potential impact on recruiting, with 74% of those respondents most excited about the automation of repetitive tasks AI could deliver. Candidates are also getting more comfortable with generative AI. According to the latest iCIMS Talent Experience Report, 40% of candidates are open to using generative AI in the workplace.


Hey, I want that!

We’re eager to deliver these capabilities to our customers. But true to who we are, we want to do it right. This week at the HR Technology Conference in Vegas and next week at UNLEASH World in Paris, my colleagues are demoing initial preview features. In case you won’t be at either of those conferences, check out the video below.


We know that with great power comes even greater responsibility. That’s why iCIMS Talent Cloud AI is developed and built under the guiding principles of responsible AI. iCIMS Product and Engineering teams carefully follow our longstanding AI code of ethics, taking great care to deliver trusted, tested and compliant AI capabilities to TA teams. We’ll be working with our customers to collect feedback, fine tune and explore forthcoming GenAI to ensure we deliver the best capabilities to the market.

While other tech providers are approaching AI by creating isolated use cases or bolt-on solutions, we are continuing to embed AI at the platform level to provide intelligence throughout the talent acquisition lifecycle.


The best way to describe our approach?

Thoughtful and pragmatic in a fast-moving environment.

So, if you’re an iCIMS customer, rest assured that we are working hard to continue to deliver the capabilities your team needs to build and retain great teams. Stay tuned for updates on iCIMS Copilot and how we are empowering your team to unlock breakthrough hiring efficiencies, make smarter hiring decisions, accelerate hiring workflows and level up your recruiting skills.

Until then, check out the latest innovations available now in the iCIMS Talent Cloud.


Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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Andreea Wade

Andreea Wade is the vice president of Product Strategy at iCIMS, the talent cloud company. Previously, she was co-founder of, which iCIMS acquired in 2020. She has a background in programming, journalism, product management, business development, entrepreneurship and investing. Andreea is a startup mentor for major incubators and accelerators in Dublin, London, Tel Aviv and Berlin.

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