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A New Normal: The Future of Work is Here

October 8, 2020
iCIMS Staff
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For years, our conception of the future of work has been defined by our experience with rapid technological innovation and digital transformation. Even against that backdrop, the past several months have accelerated the adoption of technology in every aspect of our working lives beyond anything we could have foreseen before the pandemic. It’s not that the future has changed, but instead, it has already arrived.

But the one thing that remains constant is that people are still the primary drivers of transformation. The innovations of today and tomorrow are designed by people. Technology is a necessary tool for productivity and innovation, but no matter how sophisticated a machine might be, it does nothing without a team of diverse, skilled, highly-qualified, and mission-driven people operating it.

At iCIMS, we are embracing this accelerated change. We are investing in our own teams and talent to ensure that we can continue to be a disruptor that looks to reinvent our industry. We are also investing in and providing the software solutions and tools that our customers depend on to attract, engage, hire, and advance the best talent within their industry and organization.

One of the biggest challenges companies now face is the competition for top talent. In today’s digital economy, it takes an average of 69 days for a company to fill a tech-focused role versus the 41 days it takes to fill non-tech roles. iCIMS’ solutions are designed to not only identify, recruit and hire those crucial and hard-to-fill positions, but also to track and manage internal talent to keep employees engaged and to best deploy your organization’s most valuable resource—its people.

Recognizing the challenges our companies face in this new world of work, we are investing in new platforms and solutions that can address these challenges. iCIMS’ Talent Cloud provides greater access to data, analytics, and insights and can employ iCIMS’ AI Recruiting Software engines that help you build your teams better, smarter and faster. And our internal talent mobility solutions are built to solve the problem of internal mobility by ensuring that your organization’s people remain engaged and are given the opportunity to apply their skills where they are most needed.

Our work has never been more important. Collectively, our iCIMS community consists of more than 4,000 customers and partners with a combined workforce of more than 30 million people. Our job is to put the world back to work, and by helping to place the right person in the right position with the right team, we can transform organizations and ultimately the world.

We are proud of what we have built, and we could not be more excited about what we can become together. We look forward to being on this journey with you.


Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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