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5 reasons to use CRM software for recruiting

January 20, 2023
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Time is money. As a talent acquisition professional, you know that candidates seeking a job are not always doing so leisurely. In the world that we live in today, it’s necessary to have a recruiting process that allows you to quickly match as many qualified professionals with jobs as possible. And for the candidate, it’s critical that they clearly understand your brand, employer value proposition and open opportunities.  

There’s a lot to juggle here: building and sorting talent pools, matching best fit candidates, managing relationships with new and existing candidates, and breaking into new markets. On top of everything, the Great Resignation has changed the recruiting game, and efficiency is one way you can stay in it.  

That’s why it’s an ideal time to invest in candidate relationship management software to help you manage it all. 


What is candidate relationship management software?

 Candidate relationship management software is a comprehensive platform that includes multiple solutions for all of your recruiting and talent acquisition needs. Recruiting CRM software tools help you attract, engage and manage talent from anywhere in the world. It allows you to market directly to your candidate database, communicate with candidates and automate many of your day-to-day tasks from one central place.  


5 reasons you should be using candidate relationship management software

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1. Build a talent pool of passive and active job seekers

To understand how to reach your audience, you need to know who they are. There are active job seekers and passive job seekers. Active seekers may be employed and just browsing job openings or unemployed and actively searching job postings, submitting applications, and reaching out to recruiters.

On the other hand, passive job seekers may be employed and not technically looking until the right job is put in front of them. Passive job seekers require extra work on your part as a talent acquisition professional. You have to proactively search for talent, put jobs in front of potential candidates, and then convince them to pay attention.

You’re trying to build a robust talent pool of both active and passive job seekers. Recruiting CRM software allows you to move them through the talent journey by sending personalized messages that engage them at their particular stage. With recruiting CRM software you can communicate with current and future talent via text, email marketing campaigns, and even video messages in one system.

2. Match the best candidate to the right job every time

You’re not only looking for candidates to add to your database and keep them warm for openings, but you’re also trying to ensure that the best candidate gets submitted to each job. That’s a lot of work that’s made easy with recruiting CRM software.

A CRM with native AI technology can help identify candidates who are searching and who are the best for the job. AI can give you personalized best fit recommendations by serving you the top three candidates from your talent pool for each specific requisition.

Humans don’t have the time to sort through hundreds and thousands of candidate profiles to find the best match. Automating this part of the identification process gives you valuable time back in your day to keep doing what you do best.

3. Recruit and market simultaneously

Technology brings us one of the greatest experiences known to the working person: automation. There’s no need to manually conduct candidate searches, develop talent pools, research, market and onboard. There’s certainly no need to do so across different platforms. 

You can put time back on your calendar by automating marketing to candidates through the recruiting CRM software. Having all your recruiting and marketing resources in one place can cut costs and time. Let your marketing efforts fully support your recruiting efforts – don’t let them work double-time by using different platforms for each.

4. Effectively engage candidates

With simplified but advanced search capabilities, candidates can stay engaged with you through recruiting CRM software. In addition, you can easily maintain constant communication by sending personalized job recommendations and messages that keep candidates engaged with your business and brand.

Staying connected to candidates through CRM software will allow you to track candidate engagement and interact from anywhere, using texts, video messages, and email campaigns. These powerful communication tools will enhance the job seeker experience and streamline talent sourcing and placements.

5. Become a job seeker resource

The job market can be intimidating for any candidate. With recruiting CRM software, you can position your company as a central place of knowledge for job seekers. Use your CRM to create and host virtual career fairs and offer job readiness resources like resume reviews and career tips. These offerings create additional touchpoints with candidates to nurture your relationship. If you can show your company is a resource for job seekers, candidates are more likely to view you as an employer of choice. And, with a positive experience, candidates are more likely to refer people in their network to your business.


Final thoughts on using a candidate relationship management system

Recruiting CRM software is the modern solution to efficiently source and communicate with candidates. Using CRM software can help you engage with your current and past talent pool in a meaningful way, recruit and market simultaneously, allow you to match the best candidate with every job through the power of AI, and maximize your business potential.

Let technology do the hard work. Find out more about CRM here.

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