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4 ways AI recruiting software can streamline hiring

March 9, 2022
iCIMS Staff
6 min read

Can artificial intelligence help your recruiting team find the perfect candidates faster with less labor? That’s a big dream to fulfill, but AI recruiting software is quickly becoming more like another team member. AI can help automate many tasks and give recruiters more time to build better human connections and candidate experiences. 

 AI-driven applicant tracking systems can: 

  • Streamline tedious tasks 
  • Improve experiences for both job seekers and recruiters 
  • Help TA teams find the best candidates—globally—without extra effort 

 To learn more about AI recruiting software, download our guide, Transform Recruitment with AI. 


What is AI recruiting software? 

Thanks to advances in machine learning, natural language processing, and data management, AI can think, talk, and interact like a human. A study from the University of Florida recently showed that many people don’t even know they’re talking to AI. Those who know don’t care; they trusted companies they interacted with based on how “human” the interaction felt.  

This presents a significant opportunity for talent acquisition teams. Think about the number of hours recruiters spend vetting candidates. Replying to questions, combing through resumes, fact-checking given information—the prep work that leads to an interview can take weeks. As more candidates apply, TA teams may get overwhelmed and miss a qualified candidate. 

An applicant tracking system with AI capabilities can streamline these tedious tasks using available data and smart processing. AI never gets tired or needs time off. It expands what recruitment teams can do without adding to their headcount or workload. 


What role does artificial intelligence play in the recruiting process? 

 Companies rely on AI to support simplified processes across many different departments, and TA should be no exception. The strategic use of AI within your ATS has two significant benefits. 

    1.  It improves the job seeker experience
      Job seekers understand firsthand the frustration of hearing crickets during the application process. Whether it’s a timely answer to an initial question or scheduling interviews quickly, a prompt response can improve a candidate’s perception of your brand.
    2. It saves recruiters time
      On the other side of the equation, recruiters may have every intention of replying promptly…only to have full email and voicemail boxes. AI can do the heavy lifting instead. Preset FAQs offer candidates a human-like conversation and begin to build a human connection from their first interaction with your company. AI can also screen candidates and schedule interviews. It provides clear links to ensure candidates provide the correct information on time. 


4 ways AI recruiting software can help your team 

 So what does this look like in real life? Here are four practical ways to use AI recruiting software with your TA teams. 

Match candidates to jobs

Machine learning algorithms can review the profiles in your ATS and surface best-match candidates based on a variety of data. AI can also help guide candidates on your career site, recommending relevant positions based on their qualifications. This helps candidates begin their journey with your company on the right foot. 

Reduce bias 

AI can help recruitment teams overcome implicit bias. During the sourcing phase, TA can use tools like word editors to help write more inclusive job descriptions. Textio, an iCIMS partner, uses machine intelligence to replace clichés, jargon, and biased phrases with language that is proven to communicate more effectively with your intended audience. Over time, it learns how your employees write and suggests entire paragraphs that align with your company’s voice. Plus, it integrates with your existing recruiting software so that you can write, publish, and analyze all from one place. Once those applications roll in, AI talent matching can help by automatically searching all the resumes submitted (something human recruiters don’t have time for) and then surface a more diverse group of interview candidates than a manual review might produce. 

Improve response times 

Chatbots can help candidates get the information they need, fast. Improve response times by using AI-led recruiting chatbots to answer typical questions recruiters receive about a given position. AI can handle follow-ups, including providing relevant links for candidates to supply more information. If the recruiter decides to move forward with a candidate, AI can handle scheduling interviews without the assistance or intervention of the human team. The entire hiring process is streamlined and can become a frictionless experience for job candidates. 

Put humans to work doing what they do best 

AI isn’t intended to replace your recruiters. Instead, it handles tedious tasks so humans can focus on building relationships and solving problems. It enables recruiters to spend more time making the final candidate decisions without extending the hiring process and helps ensure the right candidate lands in the right position. With AI, companies can expand their existing team’s capabilities without adding to their workload. 


Transform your recruiting with AI software 

The right applicant tracking system powered by artificial intelligence expands what TA teams can do. Candidates experience a smoother, more “human” hiring process, and recruiters are empowered to make better, faster decisions. It’s a true win-win. 

With intelligent, trusted AI solutions, TA teams are empowered to reach their full potential. Learn more by downloading the latest iCIMS guide: Transform Recruitment with AI. 

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