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Contingency, gig, and hourly recruiting

The iCIMS Talent Cloud platform can help you fill talent gaps with freelancers, project-based workers, independent contractors, and part-time hires.

Adapt to what comes next

Contingent labor is on the rise. To meet the continuing pace of change, you need to ensure you can engage your entire workforce. iCIMS’ Talent Cloud is a single platform that can help you attract, engage, hire, and advance all of your talent, including contingent and hourly workers, contract labor, and part-time employees.

Stay connected to your extended workforce

iCIMS’ Talent Cloud helps you to keep in touch with qualified candidates who show interest but have not yet applied. Simplify manual processes and create deeper talent pools with easy-to-integrate solutions.

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Target specific skills and niche talent needs with iCIMS’ Applicant Tracking System

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Streamline your hiring process with iCIMS’ Onboarding Portal

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Build talent pipelines and maintain groups of talent with iCIMS’ Candidate Relationship Management Software

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Automate mass communications with iCIMS Text Engagement

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Appeal directly to gig and contract workers with iCIMS’ Career Sites

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Measure your ROI at every step with robust recruiting analytics software

Reach top talent first

Part-time workers are often on the lookout for new opportunities, so keeping communications simple, targeted, and fast is key to keeping them engaged. Text-to-apply is the best way to reach gig workers while they juggle family and other contract work.

Select specific skills

Sometimes, project-based work requires a candidate with a certain skillset to make everything work. iCIMS’ ATS and CRM products use AI to elevate candidates with key skills and make it easy to include them in talent pools that you can engage with when new opportunities arise.


Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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