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Talent Assessments

No matter how talented and experienced a job candidate may be, their communication skills are crucial to their ability to do their job well.

While you’ll be able to gain some idea of their communication skills during your initial screening processes, this definitely isn’t an area you want to glance over.

Rather, you need to be as intentional as possible when gauging your candidates’ communication skills. Not only will it help you bring the right candidates on board, but it will also ensure your organization continues to run like the finely-tuned machine it is.

This is where talent assessment comes in.

What are talent assessment tools?

Talent assessment tools are used for pre-employment screening purposes, helping hiring teams qualify potential candidates for open positions within the company.

Typically, talent assessment tools assess candidates regarding three key areas:

  • Knowledge and Skills: From job-specific expertise to language and communication abilities, talent assessments help recruiters better understand the candidate’s qualifications.
  • Work Style: Talent assessments allow recruiters to get a feel for how candidates operate on the job and throughout their day-to-day.
  • Personality: Here, the focus is on whether a candidate will be a good cultural fit for the organization.

Those who meet your expectations in all these areas are much more likely to thrive in their new position — and will do their part in leading your company to success in the future.

In addition to your other pre-employment engagements (e.g., resume collection, interviews, reference checking), talent assessments usually consist of both verbal and written tests to be completed by the candidate.

Your talent assessments may consist of:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Open-ended prompts
  • Questions requiring audio- or video-based responses

Again, these assessments will focus on testing the candidate’s job-specific knowledge and expertise — but will also provide insight into the soft skills your potential employees possess, as well.

Why are talent assessment tools useful for recruiters?

Talent assessment tools are beneficial to recruiters and hiring managers for three key reasons.

Structured talent assessment processes

Assessing potential job candidates can often be a hectic process — especially since you’ll likely have dozens of qualified prospects to choose from.

No matter how strategic your manual approach may be, human error is always a possibility. An overlooked piece of information here, a miscommunication there…suddenly, you’ve overlooked the perfect candidate for the position in question.

(Or, worse, you end up hiring a candidate who isn’t a great fit for your team.)

By using talent assessment software, you’ll be able to standardize your overall hiring processes. By following a uniform workflow when assessing each candidate you encounter, you’ll be sure to collect the exact information you need at all times.

Standardized candidate scoring

Similarly, using talent assessment tools will allow you to standardize your processes when scoring your candidates.

In fact, iCIMS enlisted the help of CEFR language experts when developing its Talent Assessment software to ensure accuracy and dependability in its scoring methods.

This eliminates any potential biases your team may have toward (or against) a specific prospect. Because the scoring process is standardized, you’ll gain a more objective view of every potential employee you encounter.

(Again, human error can otherwise rear its ugly head: Though your hiring team may not be intentionally biased, taking a manual approach may cause personal opinions to get in the way of their ability to objectively assess each candidate.)

Technological integration

Modern talent assessment software, such as iCIMS’ tool, typically integrates with a number of other tools you may have in your tech stack.

These integrations ensure that any data you collect on your candidates is automatically uploaded and updated throughout your digital system. You won’t need to spend time manually inputting data into various software systems — and can instead use this time and energy to find the best candidate for the job.

On that same token, you can also organize your candidate data within your ATS — which essentially will become your single source of truth. This enables your team to access the information quickly and easily whenever they need it.

What tools integrate with iCIMS Talent Assessments?

iCIMS’ Talent Assessments software integrates with all other tools in iCIMS’ software suite, including:

Each of these tools, again, integrate with iCIMS’ Applicant Tracking System to:

  • Centralize employee candidate data
  • Optimize recruiting and hiring processes
  • Create a better experience for applicants and candidates

Our software also integrates with a number of third-party tools for various purposes, such as:

With the right tools in hand, your recruiting team will be able to ramp up your recruitment processes across the board — and put your new employees on the path to success from the get-go.

What type of business should use iCIMS’ talent assessment software?

iCIMS’ Talent Assessment tool serves companies of all sizes, in a variety of industries.

In fact, our software suite is designed to meet the different needs of organizations operating in financehealthcarerecruiting software for manufacturingretail — and more.

Simply put:

If your company is looking to improve your hiring and employee management processes, iCIMS can help make it happen.

Need proof?

Check out our full list of customer success stories for more on how iCIMS can help improve your recruiting processes.

iCIMS Talent Assessment Software

iCIMS’ Talent Assessment software allows your hiring team to systematize your recruitment workflows and standardize your candidate analysis processes with ease.

By streamlining and automating these processes, you’ll have more time, energy, and financial resources on hand to focus on what’s most important:

Bringing aboard the best possible candidate for the job at hand.

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