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iCIMS Career Portal Checklist

March 10, 2014
iCIMS Staff
2 min read

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to an applicant tracking system. If your organization’s career portal is outdated or provides a poor experience, you could be repelling ideal candidates. Check in to see how your organization stacks up with the iCIMS Career Portal Checklist.

Your Career Portal Highlights Your Employment Brand and Gives Applicants a “Sneak Peek” of Your Organization’s Culture

Does your career site echo your company’s distinct brand and personality? Does it showcase the unique benefits of working for your organization, both tangible incentives and more subtle perks? With employment brand high on the list of things to look for on candidate wish lists, a career site that expresses your employer brand will attract jobseekers who are the best fit for your company.

Your Career Portal is Mobile-Optimized, Allowing Candidates to View and Apply to Jobs from Their Tablet or Smartphone

Does your career portal allow “on-the-go” candidates to search for and apply to jobs straight from their device? Are they able to upload documents from an online service like Google Drive or Dropbox? As the number of people looking for jobs from their mobile devices continues to rise, it is becoming imperative for companies to have a mobile-optimized site in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Your Career Portal Allows Candidates to Apply to Jobs Using Their Social Profile

Does your career portal give candidates the ability to apply using their LinkedIn or other social media profile, reducing data entry time for the candidate and giving you access to their most up-to-date professional information even after the application is submitted? As jobseekers increasingly utilize social media, making your application easy to use and integrative with social media will be an asset to your company. Not only will you be able to see your candidate’s social media presence and assess their soft skills and personal traits, but the ease-of-use for the candidate will increase the number of applicants completing applications, and by cultivating a social media presence, you can promote your company’s employer brand and company culture.

Your Career Portal Provides a Candidate-Friendly Experience

Does your career portal provide a positive and seamless candidate experience or are you potentially losing candidates to a frustrating application process? When an application is too long or complex, candidates will simply not complete them. By creating a candidate-friendly career portal, you work to make sure top-tier talent is able to complete your application, and stay interested in the position.

Having a career portal that engages your candidates and emphasizes ease-of-use for candidates encourages the best talent to complete an application, and stay interested in your company If your career portal doesn’t measure up, contact iCIMS to learn how we can help your organization attract the best and brightest talent by providing an engaging, candidate-friendly application experience.

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