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August iCIMS Insights Report: Employers are Hot for Teachers

August 31, 2022
iCIMS Staff
3 min read

The talent market is still strong, but it’s starting to shift. Again.  

While job openings and hires have remained up since the start of the year, those numbers are beginning to point downward each month.  

Activity levels are beginning to normalize from the extreme job growth demands we have witnessed over the last year or so, indicating that change may be on the horizon.  

Right now, job seekers continue to hold power – but there may soon be a shift in the dynamics between employers and talent. Employers that can be agile with their hiring strategies will be most successful as the landscape ebbs and flows.  

Read the full August Insights Workforce Report, which includes why tech roles are taking longer to fill.  


Labor market activity

iCIMS data shows job openings, job applications, and hiring activity remain above January 2022 levels. However, July brought a double-digit drop in hires, a downward trend in openings, and a slight decline in applications month-over-month. 

This type of activity is not atypical for this time of year. Historically, in iCIMS data, there is a downward trend in activity from June to July – although this year’s downward trends are a bit more pronounced.  

This is not too surprising considering media headlines of recession-related news. Job seekers and employers alike may be reacting to the perception of economic weakness and instability.  


Hiring in the Education and Tech Sectors

As the school year kicks off around the country, there continues to be significant demand for workers in education. Job openings are up 16% from last July and up 30% from pre-pandemic (July 2019). The talent supply cannot keep up. While applications are coming in, the volume is on par with years past.  

In the tech space, application activity is declining. At the height of the pandemic (July 2020), employers looking for tech workers on average received 34 applicants per opening, but now iCIMS data shows that open tech roles are only receiving 26 applicants per opening (a decrease of 23%). This has contributed to increased timelines to secure tech talent. It now takes seven weeks on average to fill an open tech role – a full work week (five days) more than it did in July 2020. 


Women in the Workforce

Women still haven’t come a long way in the job market. Women applicants make up the majority (63%) of applicants to jobs paying salaries of less than $50,000 annually. The gender composition reverses as salaries increase, with men making up the majority (57%) of applicants to jobs paying more than $100,000 annually.  

Each month, iCIMS Insights provides a deep understanding of the talent market through data drawn from its platform, including employer and job seeker activity from more than 4,000 customers and hundreds of millions of data points across job openings, job applications, and hires. 

Read the full August Insights Workforce Report, which includes why tech roles are taking longer to fill.  

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