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Fewer clicks. More candidates. Better insights with the 2023 Winter Release.

February 21, 2023
4 min read

The U.S. added a whopping 517,000 jobs in January, pushing the unemployment rate down to 3.4% – the lowest levels since 1969. Fierce competition for talent continues in spite of economic pressures, forcing many talent acquisition pros to weigh a potentially difficult trade-off: how can we optimize cost and efficiency while also securing the talent we need for today and tomorrow?   

The iCIMS 2023 Winter Release helps your team get more of their best work done, delivering new time-saving capabilities, an easier (and more cost-effective) way to source candidates, deeper talent engagement analytics, and a whole lot more.  

That all translates to less grunt work for your recruiters, more candidates for your pipelines, better insights for your business, and most important of all — zero compromise to your talent acquisition strategy.


Here’s a look at some of the new capabilities in iCIMS’ 2023 Winter Release that can minimize the manual work and maximize the strategic value you and your teams deliver:  

  • Source with more speed and ease – in your flow of work: Effortlessly build talent pipelines while you browse for candidates on job sites like LinkedIn. The iCIMS Sourcing Extension helps you quickly add candidate profiles to talent pools in iCIMS Candidate Relationship Management, right from your Google Chrome or Edge browser. 
  • Simplify interview scheduling: We’re continuing to invest in capabilities that create a seamless interview process and allow recruiters to easily manage their day right from iCIMS. The latest enhancements include built-in Zoom integration, job location details, and optimized rescheduling within iCIMS Applicant Tracking.  
  • Measure recruiting effectiveness like never before: Whether you’re creating fresh content or digging into recruiting trends, data can help guide you. iCIMS Video Studio now includes embedded analytics, giving you the ability to measure video performance and calibrate your content to drive maximum engagement. Also, the latest addition to iCIMS— SkillSurvey now offers new post-hire employee survey benchmarking, giving you more insight and context into your employee sentiment relative to other iCIMS SkillSurvey customers.              

Plus, we’ve added powerful new capabilities across the iCIMS ATS and Opportunity Marketplace that help you stay ahead of both the latest hiring regulations and trends, enabling you to: 

  • Get ahead of pay transparency regulations and build equitable candidate experiences by including minimum and maximum salary ranges on all of your job postings through the optimized XML job feed. This new design relocates salary information above the fold, providing a better experience for job seekers. 
  • Align skills and roles to build future career paths with iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace’s AI-powered role taxonomy. You can now upload your role taxonomy into the iCIMS ATS and let our powerful AI engine auto-populate skills for each of your roles, saving you and your teams time. This feature will support career pathing in Opportunity Marketplace, which will be available towards the end of 2023.   

Visit the iCIMS Community to get more details on the full Winter Release and to discover training, join discussions with our product team, provide feedback, and more. 

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About the author

Gazmend Kalicovic

Gazmend Kalicovic is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for iCIMS, responsible for the global go-to-market strategy of the iCIMS Talent Cloud Platform, including iCIMS’ integration, trust and security capabilities. He is focused on leading iCIMS’ position as the world’s most connected and trusted talent platform.

Prior to iCIMS, Gazmend held strategic product and marketing positions at Brother International, where he led go-to-market strategy for Brother’s document capture solutions, and Billtrust, where he led strategy and execution for Billtrust’s invoicing and payment products. Gazmend holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and history from Rutgers University.

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