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Virtual Career Fair Software

One of the most promising ways for companies and job seekers to connect is through a job fair. However, the job market is global, and not every candidate has the means to travel to attend a job fair in-person. Recent events have also highlighted the importance of virtual options in the recruiting space, making virtual career fair software more important than ever.

Here, we will explore how virtual career fair software works and how it can help bridge the gap between candidates and recruiters in an increasingly online job market.

What is virtual career fair software?


Virtual career fair software is a solution for creating online, chat-based events in which recruiters and job seekers meet to exchange information about job openings. Most virtual career fair software tools are available as part of a recruitment software suite and may include components for:

  • Marketing
  • Registration capture
  • Scheduling
  • Text messaging
  • Branding

For the recruiter, the software serves as a staging point for hosting and managing the virtual job fair. For the job seeker, the software provides a portal through which the event can be accessed. This can usually be done through any device, whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop, or a desktop computer.

What does virtual career fair software do?


Virtual career fair software helps employers:

  • Attract attendees to their virtual job fairs
  • Capture their information
  • Engage with them on the day of the event

It integrates with other recruitment systems, including recruitment marketing solutions, text recruiting systems, and ATS.

Virtual career fair software then provides employers with an intuitive dashboard to design and manage their events in real-time. To gain attendees, users can create branded event pages and even pre-qualify candidates using AI. They can then use the software to:

  • Communicate with attendees via text and chatrooms
  • Schedule interviews
  • Provide files, information, and more once the event has begun

The overall purpose of virtual career fair software is to simplify the process of launching and running a virtual career fair, so it can be conducted easily through the user’s preferred device.

Where does virtual career fair software fit into the recruiting process?


Virtual career fairs are a great way to attract candidates to job openings, so this type of software is generally used at the beginning of the recruiting process. Many companies leverage their virtual career fair software as part of their recruitment marketing suites, as it can generate promising leads from almost anywhere in the world.

With the right solution, this type of software can target specific talent groups like college students, veterans, and more. The software provides centralized visibility of the entire virtual career fair process, even across multiple regions and company departments.

Why is virtual career fair software important?


Virtual career fair software not only enables companies to host virtual career fairs, but it also removes the many costs associated with traditional events. There is no need to rent physical space for the event and attendees won’t be burdened by travel costs or accessibility challenges. This makes virtual career fair software a cost-effective solution for hosting more recruiting events.

Virtual career fairs can attract up to five times more candidates than an in-person event. Because it takes place online, there are fewer barriers to attendance.

Finally, this type of software has also become more important due to a sharp increase in remote work. In some instances, traveling and gathering in large groups can be risky due to the onset of diseases and other threats. Virtual career fair software offers a solution when in-person meetings aren’t possible.

What to look for in virtual career fair software


The best virtual career software should integrate seamlessly with your other HR and recruitment software tools. This allows for the fast and seamless transfer for candidate information across the organization.

The solution should also come with a minimum standard of features. At a minimum, most virtual career fair software should come equipped with the following:

  • Unlimited events
  • Accessible browser-based live chat
  • Branded event pages
  • Unique URLs
  • Registration capture solutions
  • Registration limits
  • Chat notifications
  • Intuitive dashboard

The software solution should allow for the fast and simple creation of job fair events. Preferably, a user should be able to create a chat-based virtual job fair within minutes, rather than days or weeks.

The solution must also be scalable, allowing for unlimited access to the creation of events across multiple teams. There should be no limit on events, nor should there be hidden costs associated with events over a certain amount.

Finally, the solution must be cost-effective. It should enable users to connect with candidates without any additional direct costs, freeing them of the typical costs associated with a traditional job fair.

Text Engagement and the iCIMS virtual career fair platform


iCIMS’ virtual career fair offering enables recruiters and employers to host chat-based online events that are easy to access and use. Attendees can join the events from wherever they are using the device they prefer, including a smartphone.

This is a simple solution that is scalable to any need. Multiple teams can use the software, providing them with instant and unlimited access to key marketing and event-hosting features. iCIMS’ virtual career fairs offering lets you connect with qualified candidates without the costs of a physical event.

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