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iCIMS Further Innovates on its Trusted, Purpose-Built Artificial Intelligence Offerings with Vision for New Generative AI Recruiting Assistant

Preview how iCIMS delivers a competitive hiring edge and better outcomes across the talent acquisition lifecycle at the UNLEASH World conference

London [Oct. 12]iCIMS, a leading provider of talent acquisition technology, today unveiled iCIMS Copilot, its new generative AI-powered recruiting assistant. The new innovation will be presented at UNLEASH World in Paris on October 17 and 18. iCIMS Copilot will deliver experiences and insights across the talent acquisition lifecycle to improve efficiency and transform how organisations build and grow their teams with better decision-making. iCIMS Copilot intends to help talent acquisition teams accelerate hiring velocity, reduce the cost of hiring and build a competitive hiring edge to boost business outcomes 

iCIMS customers already rely on its natively embedded AI throughout the iCIMS Talent Cloud for intelligent candidate and job matching, AI-powered chat, skills matching and more. The new capabilities, coming in 2024, demonstrate the company’s innovative approach to elevating the recruiting experience through the power of generative AI.  

“AI is hardly a new, shiny fad at iCIMS, as we’ve been delivering purpose-built AI for our community of customers for years, with the highest standards of accuracy, usability and trust,” said Al Smith, chief technology officer at iCIMS. “Generative AI holds tremendous promise in helping organisations increase efficiency. iCIMS Copilot offers customers a recruiting assistant that will deliver more value and intelligence to aid productivity, provide better context for decisions and improve recruiter and candidate experiences.”  

iCIMS will be working with its customers to fine tune and explore forthcoming generative AI capabilities. At UNLEASH World, iCIMS is previewing how its new offering will help talent teams:  

  • Create tailored interview question guides in seconds. iCIMS Copilot will generate interview questions for open requisitions based on defined criteria, proficiencies or level of experience, skills, industry and more, for specific roles. Users can also use a candidate’s resume to further tailor the interview guide, based on the individual.  
  • Optimise job descriptions. Collaborate with iCIMS Copilot as it dynamically marks up your work with recommendations in real time. For example, ask iCIMS Copilot to make an existing senior-level job description more junior and it will suggest changes that cater to less experienced candidates. 
  • Navigate talent through their job search and career path with ease. Help candidates and employees get answers to complex questions via an intelligent digital assistant. It will be able to answer questions like “Can you create two different career paths for me, based on my current role and skills?” 

“Talent teams everywhere can benefit from reliable and secure ways to tap into GenAI to get their jobs done and hire more efficiently,” said Jason Averbook, Senior Partner and Global Leader of Digital HR Strategy at Mercer. “It’s not just about doing the same things faster; it’s about creating capacity for the human side of the equation and doing the things we’ve never had time to do when it comes to talent. I’m excited to see how iCIMS shows up and builds upon its longstanding history of AI innovation, rooted in practicality, utility and responsibility.”  

UNLEASH World attendees can visit the iCIMS booth and join its demo session on Wednesday, October 18 at 1:25 p.m. CEST to see the new generative AI innovations in action. 

iCIMS customers can also explore new iCIMS Talent Cloud capabilities delivered today in the 2023 Fall Release, centred around fostering greater talent connections, strengthening integrations and streamlining ATS workflows. 

*iCIMS is a foundational supporter in the International Association for Privacy Professionals (IAPP) AI Governance Center to support the rapidly growing need for qualified and well-trained professionals to ensure AI systems are developed, integrated and deployed in line with emerging AI laws and policies. As part of the initiative, iCIMS is committed to training employees in AI governance to ensure they have the skillsets needed to scale and deploy AI safely.  

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