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Reframing Talent for Your Business: A Fresh Approach

October 15, 2020
iCIMS Staff
3 min read
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Operating an agile business and workforce during uncertain times requires us to unlearn, reframe, and redesign talent practices to better support people and how they work, improve HR outcomes, and support evolving business goals.

When it comes to aligning talent to the strategic needs of the business, we tend to trip over our own shortcomings. We forget about all available talent in our full and extended workforce, we lack a complete and timely line of sight to where they are and the skills and capabilities they offer, and we tend to focus on counting heads more than we focus on making heads count.

What if talent acquisition handed talent over to the business in a thoughtful way, like a story to be written? The person you’ve spent so much time attracting, nurturing, and bringing to the organization has an impressive list of skills, capabilities, and career drivers you felt aligned to the needs of the strategic business at the moment you hired them. Both of those things are dynamic and agile: what talent can and wants to do, and what the business needs.

What if we had a better way of constantly realigning talent to the business so they are better developed, served, and engaged — while the needs of the business are more immediately and better addressed by the people who know it best?

In the same vein of flipping truths on their heads and reframing our understanding of things, we tend to forget that our employees are candidates too.

iCIMS hasn’t forgotten. In fact, they designed the iCIMS Talent Cloud in a way that doesn’t forget about the talent you already have. Proactive sourcing from your own talent pool isn’t usually considered because we think of it as “poaching,” and we pay people to be really good at doing that from our competition.

Our internal talent seems off limits because we are territorial about our own high-performing talent. We work hard to attract and hire talent to the job role and function they occupy, and we tend to let them self-service their own career advancement once they’re inside the organization.

What a mistake.

Your secret weapon: a complete talent picture

The root cause of most hiring is poor talent retention. Harvard Business Review said that pre-pandemic. Now that organizations rely on agile roadmaps and talent dexterity for business continuity and strategic growth, it’s even more imperative we leverage talent as a competitive edge.

A talent acquisition software is most valuable when it delivers talent to the business in a strategic way. We collect so much valuable data about candidates while we’re sourcing, engaging, building a relationship, and matching them to the needs of the business. That candidate-centric experience begins to build a candidate data profile; iCIMS has focused on making that a dynamic and global candidate profile that contains all the data needed to hire, attract, and advance talent upon hire.

This unique combination of iCIMS’ infamous scalability combined with innovation in a platform and an obsession for continuously “hydrating the data”, as my friend Steve Lucas is known to say, has the opportunity to redefine talent acquisition.

Enriching global candidate profile data needs to be systematic; data is everywhere if we know how to grab it. iCIMS smartly integrates the hiring process so hiring teams can collaborate, share feedback, and take action on candidates in the places they’re already working every day. At the same time, hiring profiles are continually hydrated with skill assessments, information from LinkedIn, and other elements that can enrich the candidate profile and make it a more useful source when it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

I’ve never been so excited and so impressed by the opportunity this complete and dynamic talent picture creates to nurture talent as they enter an organization, to strategically grow key talent with existing or new skills, to challenge and inspire career moves while improving the business, and to broaden the scope and utilization of a dynamic talent map for the organization.


Register for INSPIRE 2020, Nov. 17-18, to hear me talk more about Breaking Your Talent Model to embrace organizational agility and build talent resilience. iCIMS is setting the stage to reveal even more impactful ways talent can be aligned and advanced within an organization, and we can’t wait to see it.


Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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