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How ATS job advertising helps iCIMS customers overcome today’s hiring challenges

August 9, 2022
iCIMS Staff
4 min read

iCIMS Summer ’22 Release is full of new features that can improve your hiring agility and help you optimize talent acquisition and retention. 

One feature that we’re very excited to introduce is integrated job advertising – right within the ATS.  


Why integrated job advertising is so important right now  

According to the iCIMS Insights June Workforce report, “As the market continues to ebb and flow, employers will need to deploy more strategic approaches to attract talent.”  

Companies need to be agile and continuously look for ways to optimize and automate how they attract and hire the best talent. This includes tools that save time and allow your sourcers and recruiters to focus on meaningful conversations with top talent rather than managing multiple job board postings or trying to understand where to advertise different jobs to optimize spend.  


So, how does job advertising in the iCIMS ATS help my team?

Integrated job advertising empowers companies to be more strategic in their approach to attracting talent and helps maintain flexibility (oh hey, agility) to ensure that you can adjust your advertising campaigns and spend as your business needs change.  

We do this a few ways: 

  1. Customers can choose which jobs are most important to advertise (i.e., jobs that are a high priority for your organization to fill quickly or that typically have hard-to-find candidates), allowing you to be strategic about where you advertise and how you spend your advertising dollars.  
  1. After you select the job you will build an advertising campaign for and provide a few details (industry, job level, location, etc.), you will receive tailored recommendations for job boards to advertise on. This helps take the guesswork out of where to advertise your jobs and helps optimize your spend by choosing job boards that have the highest potential to reach the most relevant and engaged candidates. 
  1. With a few clicks, you can choose which job boards you want to advertise on, and your jobs will be automatically posted from iCIMS to each job board (yes, you read that right – no more manual posting of job details to job boards!). This helps recruiters save time and automate a previously manual task.  
  1. No long-term contracts or commitments to weigh you down allows you to adjust your strategy as your business needs and priorities change – whether your hiring is accelerated, paused, or both.  
  1. All of this is done right within iCIMS ATS, which helps to reduce context switching by keeping recruiters in the ATS from start to finish and eliminating the need to go to multiple job boards to launch, manage, and report on job advertising campaigns.  


Including job advertising as part of your talent acquisition strategy can give your organization the edge it needs to drive business forward during uncertain times.  

It’s more critical than ever for your sourcers and recruiters to save time and optimize spend while increasing the quality of candidates. We’re thrilled that iCIMS ATS customers will now have access to integrated job advertising right within the iCIMS Talent Cloud platform to help overcome hiring challenges in today’s talent landscape.  

Visit the iCIMS Community Site Release Resources page to learn more about job advertising and all the features in the Summer ’22 Release.  

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