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Powering connections with iCIMS 2023 fall release

October 18, 2023
4 min read

Fall is here, and job applications are pouring into the market like pumpkin-spiced everything.

According to the iCIMS September Workforce Report, job seekers are pushing application volume to its highest level since 2022. And at the same time, our data shows a 45% decrease in job openings for recruitment positions.

That means talent acquisition teams are operating at reduced capacity following months of layoffs, and recruiters are being asked to do more with a lot less.

That’s a tough situation for talent acquisition teams. They still need to break down business silos, stay up to date with technology trends, seek product improvements and improve candidate communications. All to build relationships that lead to better quality hires because great TA teams power connections.

What TA professionals need right now are efficiencies, and that’s what you’ll find in our latest release: solutions that connect internal and global talent, streamline integrations, and simplify our ATS.

Here are the highlights of new features in iCIMS 2023 fall release .


Simplify and streamline recruitment marketing workflows

Demonstration animation of the pipeline overview in iCIMS Marketing Automation

iCIMS Marketing Automation delivers automated and personalized nurture campaigns and experiences based on candidate interactions. One campaign trigger is status data from the ATS.

We’ve refined the integration between Marketing Automation and iCIMS ATS to push updated profile information and application statuses to keep pipelines fresh.

Users can now see which candidates are in the interview process and exclude them from marketing campaigns without leaving Marketing Automation. This simplifies the recruiter’s process and helps keep databases accurate and up to date.


Create better candidate experiences globally with additional languages

Demo animation of the new languages in our CRM

Localization means improving the candidate experience by modifying language and recruiting tactics for a specific geographic region.

The localization editor in iCIMS Career Sites CMS is now available in French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), German and Italian. Admins globally can make changes to native or regional languages on career sites without engineering intervention.

In addition, iCIMS CRM users can localize landing pages, event pages and forms when creating them, and the language will automatically update based on the candidate’s browser settings. Images, text and picklists can be changed per locale as well.

Aspects like language are critical for improving understanding and candidate confidence and have proven to impact more than just hiring processes, but sales as well.

According to iCIMS September Workforce Report, 56% of respondents would be less likely to be a consumer of a brand if they have a bad experience applying or interviewing for a job at that company.

Through automation, brands can create more moments of inclusion and power connections with groups of people globally.


Enrich career conversations between employees and managers

Demo animation of the new Career Path Sharing options

When asked “What would keep you happy with your current employer and prevent you from looking for a new job?”, 34% of respondents in the iCIMS September Workforce Report said growing in their role at the organization and 31% said opportunities to advance in a new role.

These metrics show the importance of powering connections between employees and HRBPs, TA teams and managers –which we’re addressing with updates to iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace.

This feature provides three options for sharing career bookmarks and options for employees to share career paths at their discretion. Email alerts are also available to notify employee managers and HR team members to review updates.


Connect with more HCM Solutions

iCIMS is introducing new integrations to Infor HCM, and onboarding products including ADP WFN NextGen, ADP WFN, and UKG Onboarding. Additional support for HCM integrations in Canada and the EU is also available via The Cloud Connectors.

These integrations help teams:

  • Advance support for global hiring regions
  • Support quicker implementation with iCIMS products
  • Streamline onboarding processes
  • Bridge the gap between TA and HR technologies


Streamline recruiting operations within iCIMS ATS

Demo animation of the Interview Portal

We’re enabling TA teams to do more with less by introducing self-service and removing barriers to vital TA systems. New features within iCIMS ATS enable teams to:

  • Make changes on-demand with self-service acknowledgement iForms
  • Gain quick insights into interview status through enhanced reports
  • Allow interviewers to take action and gain more visibility with the interviewer portal
  • Improve access through enhancements to candidate review and CRM connector
  • Grant teams control over job application rendering with iCIMS Apply Network – available for limited early access


Learn about more improvements in this release

iCIMS is delivering tactical improvements across the Talent Cloud to deliver improved admin, employee and candidate experiences. These are just the highlights – see everything included in our fall 2023 release on our release resource page.

Learn all about the fall release

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