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Little-known use cases for recruitment marketing automation

November 9, 2022
iCIMS Staff
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Organizations across the globe are looking at ways to cut costs and streamline processes. In a tough economic climate, efficiency is everything, and automating how you attract and engage top talent is the way forward.

In this post, we’ll cover the little-known use cases for recruitment marketing automation, and how recruiters are using it to fast-track their hiring process.


Recruiting alumni talent

Today’s candidates aren’t afraid to jump ship in search of better work-life balance, a higher salary or faster career progression. Yes, your employees may be moving on, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming back. LinkedIn data suggests that 4.5% of new hires, among companies on LinkedIn, were alumni employees in 2021. This may not sound like a lot, but in a competitive labor market, every bit counts. Boomerang, or alumni, employees already understand your processes and know they fit your organization making them a fast and efficient source of hire. Engaging with alumni talent has never been more important.

Marketing automation technology allows recruiters to nurture candidates throughout the recruitment journey, engaging top talent before they are ready to apply. By automating personalized recruitment campaigns, you tailor the messaging you want to send to alumni talent, communicating relevant employer brand content and updating them on what has changed since they left.

Using recruitment marketing automation, you can help your alumni talent remain engaged in your employer brand.


Onboarding your c-suite leadership team

Finding the ideal candidate for a highly specialized role isn’t always easy. That’s why recruiting for a CEO, CFO or CTO position demands a combination of hiring tactics, while making use of innovative tools and technologies.

C-suite leaders have weighty responsibilities, and it is no easy feat changing careers. Candidates at a senior level require high brand awareness of your organization to know if they are the right fit for the role. With the ability to personalize and automate candidate nurture, marketing automation allows recruiters to track candidate engagement, so you know which content your candidates are most interested in.  Not only this, it allows you to know which candidates are interested in your organization. Marketing automation helps recruiters reach out to the right candidate for the right role as they know exactly who is interested.

Your next c-suite leader may be buried in your database without you even knowing. With recruitment marketing automation you know exactly which candidates are ready for a hiring conversation.


Long-term hiring through the early careers market

As of 2022, 54% of HR professionals said that they were hiring more entry-level talent than the year before. With recruiters realizing the true potential of the early careers market, companies that want to compete for entry-level hiring will need to start engaging early.

How can you ensure that early careers talent are engaging in your employer brand?

Candidate nurture is the answer. With marketing automation, you can engage candidates all the way from student to graduate to hire. Automated nurture campaigns allow you to target the early careers market with content that is relevant to them, including interview tips, suggestions for studying or advice on job hunting.

Marketing automation tracks candidate engagement across your company digital footprint so you know exactly which content your candidates are interested in, and who is ready for a hiring conversation.


Refreshing an outdated candidate database

With so many organizations struggling to recruit in-demand talent in today’s global workforce, it’s easy to assume that sourcing new candidates is the way forward. But what about that existing database of candidate information in your ATS? Often, your top candidate is already in your database.

Marketing automation helps recruiters refresh an existing candidate database, turning your talent pool into a defined pipeline of cold, warm and hire-ready candidates.

By filtering your pipeline on a real-time engagement score you know exactly who is interested in your employer brand.


Driving a diverse and inclusive workforce

With 67% of job seekers factoring workplace diversity into their decision to apply for a role, building an inclusive workforce is no longer just an option. As the world progresses, diversity hiring is fast becoming a top priority for recruiters.

Marketing automation offers pipeline management like no other recruitment marketing software allowing you to filter diverse candidates on a real-time engagement score. With marketing automation, you can engage top talent with stories from your company that highlight the diverse groups, initiatives, and employees that are relevant to them. Recruiters can also hire anonymously, proving to increase the number of diverse applicants per role.


Employee referral recruiting

Employee referrals aren’t always the first strategy that comes to mind when recruiting in-demand talent. However, 82% of employers rate employee referrals above all other sources for generating the best return on investment.

Marketing automation allows recruiters to create unique forms and landing pages, tracking candidate engagement across your company’s digital footprint. By using real-time engagement scores, you can identify which referral candidates in your talent pipeline are hire-ready.

If your recruitment team is having issues hitting goals or scaling the pipeline processes you have put in place, consider focusing your efforts on developing a marketing automation strategy.

To find out more about marketing automation in action, read our recent blog post.


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