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How to get your teams to create employee branding videos

November 8, 2021
iCIMS Staff
6 min read

As an HR professional, you understand the value of having employees share their workplace experiences through various mediums. Not only are employee branding videos a great way to help your organization stand out from the crowd, putting video tools in your talent’s hands can help give employees a sense of belonging. Your team members can share experiences using their voices and relate to others in the organization. 

One challenge in building a strong talent brand is encouraging employees across the organization who, quite frankly, may feel overwhelmed with the idea of contributing.  

In this post we’ll cover practical ways to encourage your teams to create employee video testimonials, including these key points:   

  • Internal benefits of employee generated content for promotions 
  • How to encourage your talent to create employee branding videos 
  • Examples of questions to better engage team members through employee branding videos  

You can learn more about attracting talent through video with this infographic How to attract talent through video. 

Internal benefits of employee generated content for promotions 

As discussed in the new rules of [candidate] engagement, employee branding videos allow candidates to learn about company values, culture, and various topics from the people who have firsthand experience – employees.  Employee-generated content can further benefit your internal teams. When team members can use their voices to share their company experiences, it can build confidence and collaboration across departments. Plus, with frequency comes variety. Having representation from employees in various roles helps share unique perspectives and the reality of the characteristics that make your company desirable.  

iCIMS Video Studio champions the modern social media look and feel with employee testimonial videos which an employee can use to capture, edit, and brand from their phone or laptop.  

Whether you’re new to employee generated content for your talent brand or are having a hard time encouraging adoption across the organization, below are some tips to try out.  

How to encourage your talent to create employee branding videos


1. Keep the timeline open for employee generated content

Evergreen questions are prompts in which employees can record an answer without requiring a nomination nor specific deadline. Having an open timeline to complete a video allows the employee more flexibility with their busy schedules. (Keep reading for some sample evergreen questions.)

2. Share examples of employee video testimonials

In addition to heavy workloads, employees may put off recording a video if they don’t have a good baseline for expectations. Having a sample from a peer or executive can save your admins from having to field questions around criteria like duration, level of detail, and setting. These examples can help keep your brand consistent from one resource to the next. Employees that feel comfortable will likely complete their video sooner and feel more compelled to contribute when they see a coworker in an example.

3. Focus on relatable questions for employer branding videos

Evergreen questions are straightforward prompts that can apply to a variety of individuals across the organization. These questions don’t require research nor a time-consuming response, making it easier for the team member to complete their recording quickly.

4. Incentivize employees to create video content

A great way to encourage participation is to reward contribution. Incentives can be as simple as having the video contribution be a part of a quarterly goal, sharing $25 restaurant gift cards for every three videos someone uploads, or highlighting a top contributor in a company newsletter. When you show appreciation for their contribution and make them feel it was worth their time they may be inspired to contribute again (and maybe even encourage their friends to participate).

5. Share the impact of employee video testimonials

Did you know “achiever” is one of the top StrengthsFinder strengths across employees today? (Site: Gallup) People want to feel like they are a part of something that leaves an impact. When you ask for contributions to employee branding videos, highlight how their participation positively affects their teams and job seekers. Show how their videos help candidates convert and increase brand awareness.  

Questions you can use to better engage team members through employee branding videos 

Evergreen questions within iCIMS Video Studio are prompts that enable users to answer pre-selected questions without needing to be nominated explicitly by HR and talent teams. Below are some examples of evergreen questions to ask your employees:  

  1. Tell us about your day!
  2. What projects are you the most excited about right now? 
  3. Describe a day in the life of (someone in your role). 
  4. What is the best part of working at (your company)?  

As your company finds its groove using multi-media to share voices of your talent, know that there are plenty of ways to gain adoption with employees who may hesitate to participate. By remaining flexible with timelines, sharing examples, focusing on relatable questions, creating incentives, and sharing the impact, you can help build confidence and clarity.  

Learn more about attracting talent through video with this infographic: How to attract talent through video


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