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5 solutions to amplify your applicant tracking system

March 30, 2023
iCIMS Staff
4 min read

Your applicant tracking system is the backbone of your recruiting efforts. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to attract, engage and hire talent to meet your organisation’s goals.

But even the best ATS is limited if not given the opportunity to reach its potential. With a few simple solutions, you can add a lot of flexibility and agility to your team’s recruiting process.

Keep reading to learn how you can utilise, engage and nurture your candidates without investing in an entirely new applicant tracking system.

Automate and personalise candidate nurture

Eighty-seven percent of candidates say content that is relevant to them makes them like brands more. Jobseekers expect personalisation throughout the recruiting journey. But how can you achieve personalisation at scale?

By automating recruitment marketing, you can nurture the candidates already in your ATS with content that is relevant to them. This saves you time sourcing and money that would have been spent advertising the same jobs. It also helps you turn your database into an engaged pipeline of talent ready for future openings.

Recruitment marketing automation compliments your sourcing efforts by helping you convert the best-fit and most engaged talent already in your network. By switching from advertising to pipelining you can reduce costs without damaging the quality of applications or the experience candidates have with your brand.

Streamline sourcing with an effective career site

Employers spend a lot of money driving candidates to their career site. But your career site doesn’t just need more traffic. It also needs to engage and encourage qualified candidates to apply.

Fifty-nine percent of jobseekers abandon an online application form when there are bugs on the career site. Even the smallest roadblock can deter talent from applying. A seamless candidate experience is crucial.

More than just a web page, career sites actively help job seekers find and apply to the most relevant jobs within your company. If you want to make it easy for job seekers to find the roles they’re most qualified for, start by enhancing your career site. Your career site should work as an add-on to your applicant tracking system, highlighting your employer brand and letting you know where and how job seekers engage with your content.

Make more connections with recruiting chatbots

Job seekers are self-selective. If they can’t find a near-perfect job match on your career site, they’re likely to move on.

Recruiting chatbots help catch qualified candidates who have passed up on a role. Job seekers can upload their resumes and receive recommendations for open roles that match their skills and experience. This helps instil confidence in job seekers and keeps them in your applicant tracking system for future openings.

If you want to connect with more candidates without increasing manual recruiter effort, a recruiting chatbot may be for you. You can create smoother experiences, improve applicant conversion rates and reduce the need for recruiter intervention.

Recruit talent faster with text messaging

According to PeopleScout, 90% percent of candidates expect the job application process to be fast. Applications with more than 45 questions have a drop off rate of nearly 90%. To recruit top talent and stay ahead of competition, you must act fast.

Text recruiting reduces the friction between job seeker and recruiter communications by allowing talent to connect through the channels they use every day. With text engagement, job seekers can submit job applications and respond to messages on the go. And you can streamline applications while qualifying candidates at the same time. With a proactive system for qualifying talent, you can speed up processes and recruit top talent, fast.

Text recruiting helps amplify your applicant tracking system by engaging your candidates anytime, anywhere.

Let your employees sell your brand with video testimonials

Studies show that job postings with video icons receive a 34% greater application rate than those without. And the best people to sell your employer brand are the ones that know it inside, and out – your employees. Video recruiting, with current employees as the stars, adds personality to the talent journey amplifying the unique voices of your greatest advocates.

The most important thing about video recruiting is that it comes across as authentic. Your candidates want to know what it’s really like to work for you. Video tools, like iCIMS Video Studio help bring your video production in-house. There’s no need to spend huge budgets on production studios and agency outsourcing when you can create quality videos at a fraction of the price.

By adding video to key points in the recruiting process, you can create dynamic experiences that amplify your ATS and turn ideal candidates into great hires.

Add flexibility and agility to your recruiting process

It’s easy to assume a huge increase in budget is necessary to refresh your recruiting strategy, but sometimes all it takes is a few simple solutions. Whether it’s text engagement or recruitment automation, use these solutions to make your ATS more powerful.

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