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Introducing iCIMS Copilot

The GenAI-powered recruiting assistant purpose-built for talent acquisition to accelerate hiring velocity, reduce costs and build a competitive edge.

The future of TA with GenAI

Transform how talent acquisition teams get their hiring done with unparalleled productivity and insights.

Unlock breakthrough hiring efficiency​

Copilot helps with day-to-day tasks so recruiters can focus on their most important work.

Make smarter hiring decisions​

Recruiters get AI recommendations but always have the final say.

Accelerate hiring workflows​

Teams get things done more quickly with conversational AI built right into their workflow.

Level up recruiting skills​

Copilot’s recommendations help recruiters pick up new skills and insights along the way.

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Reimagine your workflow with AI

Take the work out of interview prep

Copilot helps you create interview questions for your open requisitions based on the specific criteria you define.

Optimize job descriptions in a flash

Tell Copilot what you want to improve in your job description for real-time recommendations.

“It’s not just about doing the same things faster; it’s about creating capacity for the human side of the equation and doing the things we’ve never had time to do when it comes to talent. I’m excited to see how iCIMS shows up and builds upon its longstanding history of AI innovation, rooted in practicality, utility and responsibility.”

Jason Averbook

Senior Partner and Global Leader of Digital HR Strategy at Mercer

Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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