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17 prompts and pro tips that will change the way you make employee video testimonials

March 16, 2022
iCIMS Staff
4 min read
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If you’ve considered hitting up your local Applebee’s for a date night (plus that Oreo shake) or wondered whether an aging dog felt his bones that morning (fingers crossed for a Bones Day), chances are you’ve been spending some time scrolling through TikTok. Or, as we say in my house, you’ve been on the Tok.  

The app that elevated scrappy, user-generated videos – mostly low on production value but high on watchability – to content gold has leapfrogged in popularity over other platforms like YouTube and Facebook. With over one billion active users, TikTok proves that the thirst for authentic content is unquenchable and that slickly produced videos aren’t what people want to watch. They want endless videos of regular people dancing to the same song and Noodle the pug’s daily vibe.  

We’ve seen these user generated videos make their way into digital consumer experiences, and brands pay influencers big money to promote their products on social media platforms with testimonials. Now, talent leaders are discovering how employee-generated videos are helping to tell their companies’ stories on career sites, job descriptions, email campaigns, social media, and more. The only thing that seems to be limiting the use of these videos is your imagination.  

Learn more about how iCIMS Video Studio can help you create relevant, engaging talent experiences you can use in lots of different ways.  

Attract talent by creating your own employee videos

Where do you get started with employee generated content? And how do you maintain authenticity while ensuring your employer brand and reputation remain on-point?  

Give your team thoughtful, purposeful prompts to help tell the story of life at your company. From what the vibe is like in the office to what current employees expect for the company’s future, these prompts will help your employees tell their stories in a detailed and authentic way. 

Remember: the key to getting great video content is to put it all in context for your employees. Tell them who they should imagine themselves talking to and how the video will be used.   

To spark your imagination, here are 10+ ideas we snagged from some of our favorite Video Studio customers (plus we couldn’t resist a few from our own career site).   


17 prompts to change the way you make employee generated videos 

  1. Take us through a day in the life of a [OPEN ROLE] at your company.   
  2. How did you become a [ROLE] at [YOUR COMPANY]? 
  3. What interview advice would you give to prepare for this role?
  4. Why is the future bright for [YOUR INDUSTRY]?   
  5. Tell your fellow [role], what you get to do at [YOUR COMPANY] that you might not be able to do anywhere else?  
  6. What career advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?
  7. Describe a challenge that you faced that your teammates helped you overcome. 
  8. How does [YOUR COMPANY] encourage you to bring your best self to work? 
  9. How is [YOUR COMPANY] changing the game in its industry? 
  10. What makes [YOUR COMPANY] culture unique? 
  11. Describe a learning and development program that helped you grow your career.  
  12. How do you take advantage of [YOUR COMPANY’S] PTO policy?  
  13. How have you used unique perks that [YOUR COMPANY] offers its employees?
  14. What advice would you give me to be successful on the job?
  15. Is it possible to grow your career as a fully-remote employee at [YOUR COMPANY]?
  16. What is it like to work remotely at [YOUR COMPANY]?
  17. How does your team prioritize learning and career growth?


Getting started with iCIMS Video Studio

As the world changes and priorities shift, technology needs to keep up. Who better to tell your company story than the people who work there.  

Click here to see how iCIMS Video Studio can help you use employee testimonials to spotlight your own people and transform culture from a buzzword into a competitive advantage.   


Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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