Public transit company Via Mobility cracks the code on driver shortage

Via Mobility’s success lies in its ability to attract drivers. Part of Colorado’s Regional Transportation District, Via Mobility doesn’t just lose revenue if there aren’t enough drivers on hand; they’re penalized financially for every route they miss.

Faced with a shortage of drivers, Via Mobility needed a way to reach and incentivize new drivers from across the state. Their team turned to iCIMS’ text and chatbot for help.

We had to do something drastic or we weren’t going to get people. There’s a lot of pressure for drivers in the Denver Metro area. You have to be smart and creative with your recruiting, you have to think outside the box – or you won’t survive. TextRecruit and ARI were the answer to our prayers.

Tonya Runnels photo

Tonya Runnels

General Manager of Administration


74% text message response rate from candidates

30 min. average text message response time

500+ applicants through text messages in 6 months

Via Mobility’s recruitment approach

Via Mobility increased its applicant pool by advertising jobs on the sides of its vehicles. Alongside benefits and basic qualifications, there’s a code job seekers text to submit their applications.

On the road you can see ‘Text Via to 97211’ at least three cars back. We’ve basically got billboards driving all around the Denver area.

Tonya Runnels photo

Tonya Runnels

General Manager of Administration

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How Via Mobility’s hiring process works

Once candidates apply, an AI-powered chatbot steps in to guide them through the process, answer FAQs, schedules interviews, and screens candidates.

For example, Via Mobility’s drivers are required to pass a Federal Transit Administration preemployment drug screen. In a state where marijuana is legal for recreational use, this is an automatic disqualification. Via Mobility’s chatbot sets this expectation early so no one’s time is wasted.

Full roster of drivers boosts revenue and market share

Via Mobility is doing so well with recruitment that they’re no longer in danger of missing scheduled routes. This has improved their reputation and allowed them to pick up additional routes. Their market share has increased as a result.

We’ve been able to have extra people ready to pick up routes other companies cancel. Our people are in seat and ready to go. We’re taking all these runs others can’t do. Not only do we make the revenue, we earn an incentive.

Tonya Runnels photo

Tonya Runnels

General Manager of Administration

More revenue, better retention

With more routes comes more revenue, and that’s helped Via Mobility keep its employees happy and motivated.

We got really creative with our contracts and how we pay people. The pain point for drivers used to be working late nights, early mornings, or weekends. Now they want those shifts. We don’t have the shortage we used to. Morale is different and people love them.

Tonya Runnels photo

Tonya Runnels

General Manager of Administration

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