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Mohawk Industries Selects iCIMS as Backbone for Talent Acquisition Strategy, Boosts Data Governance with SAP SuccessFactors integration

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Mohawk Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of residential and commercial flooring. The company holds market-leading positions across multiple flooring categories, including carpet, ceramic tile, stone, wood, and rugs in the United States, as well as laminate in both the U.S. and Europe, bringing in nine billion in revenue. Mohawk dates its roots back to the 1800s when it became one of the first American carpet manufacturers and now has operations on three continents.

The Challenge

Employing over 34,000 individuals globally, Mohawk Industries had focused on three core employment groups to operate their business: on-road drivers, hourly workers, and administrative or exempt employees. With each segment requiring unique and dynamic hiring practices, Mohawk began to feel the impact that their recruitment strategy had on their success as an organization.

After years of manual data entry, Mohawk found themselves in the market for a single system to support the employment needs of the entire corporation, and began to look into Workday as an HCM tool. Workday offered a full suite of HR products, but fell short of a solid recruitment option. Mohawk decided to go with Workday for talent management, but integrated the solution with iCIMS to invest in talent acquisition as a critical component of their business success.

As time passed, Workday struggled to meet Mohawk’s needs, and the search began for a new HCM provider. In January of 2017, Mohawk found promise in SAP SuccessFactors, and were once again approached with a full suite offering that included a plug in for recruitment. While SuccessFactors won them over with its many capabilities, Mohawk’s talent acquisition leaders were displeased with its recruitment functionality, and became concerned with SuccessFactors’ ability to properly prioritize recruitment to maintain their existing hiring standards.

Being that Mohawk’s candidates were also their customer base, a positive candidate experience was top of mind. Not only did they need to offer a great experience to maintain their brand, but there was the added complexity of tailoring the application process to candidates in each of the three recruitment segments. Unable to find an HCM provider that could support their complex recruitment needs, it became clear they needed a partner that was focused on talent acquisition.

“We could not forego the critical functionality that we needed to provide a simple application process for our applicants,” explained, Paul White, senior director of talent acquisition at Mohawk. “It is  important to us to be able to tailor the application experience to the various roles, which was a chal-lenge for many providers.”

Mohawk was left with a decision to make. SAP was a crucial element of their global talent management strategy that could not be substituted, and their chief information officer (CIO) was pleased with an option to include recruitment right along with that. At the same time, the organization ‘s talent acquisition leaders were pulling to continue investing in the dedicated recruitment software they needed, fearing the impact that foregoing certain capabilities could have on their business.

Mohawk chose to prioritize recruitment by selecting iCIMS’ best-in-class Talent Acquisition Platform that integrates with its HCM system, SAP.

The Result: Best-of-Breed Recruitment

Mohawk chose to prioritize recruitment and selected iCIMS. By using a best-of-breed talent acquisition platform that integrates with their HCM system, SAP, the organization is able to manage the complexities of their talent acquisition life cycle while taking a proactive approach towards data governance.

Mohawk can now efficiently track all relevant data on their candidates as they transition into employees, while receiving even more value out of the iCIMS reporting center to maintain compliance. The API integration also allows them to maintain data accuracy and security between iCIMS and SAP, with the ability to easily point out errors.

The choice to integrate SAP into iCIMS made main-taining the simple application experience that Mohawk ‘s candidates have come to know possible as well. With their employer brand intact, Mohawk ‘s talent acquisition team can dedicate more time to finding and selecting top-performing talent dedicated to driving business progress forward.

“We could not forego the critical functionality that we needed to provide a simple application process for our applicants.”

Paul White,
senior director of talent acquisition, Mohawk Industries