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Defenders Selects iCIMS to Modernize Recruitment & Improve Candidate Communication

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Defenders is a leader in the home security industry, providing safety and peace of mind to nearly two million families nationwide. Since its inception in 1998, Defenders has grown from a company of a few employees to having 2,500 high-performance team members at more than 130 field branches in 48 states. For 20 years, Defenders has partnered with ADT®, the number one name in home security. Today, Defenders is one of ADT’s biggest partners and the only partner to be designated as an Authorized Premier Provider.

The Challenge

As a company that specializes in safeguarding homes across the U.S., Defenders realized its recruitment efforts were in danger. Defenders installs ADT® security systems in approximately 20,000 homes per month and prides itself on protecting nearly two million homes nationwide. To accommodate this pace, the recruiting team must stay diligent in a high-volume recruitment environment, with nearly 40 new hires starting each week across more than 130 branch locations in 48 states. Also responsible for scheduling job interviews, the recruiting team sets approximately 300 field interviews per week just for the full-commission sales positions they typically hire for. Despite being one of the leading home security companies in the country, Defenders also struggled with brand recognition in the commission-based job market in which it hires in and sources for. Accordingly, Defenders began relying on national radio ads and billboards but quickly discovered how costly these options were when they provided little to no return on investment.

The recruiting team also faced numerous candidate engagement roadblocks, mainly due to outdated communication methods. Reaching candidates via phone or email was no longer feasible, with a large number of applicants not responding to voicemails or reading emails. Candidate control from the home office also became increasingly difficult when candidates failed to show up to interviews. Recruiters felt as though they were in a never-ending cycle of catch-up – spending a large portion of their day playing phone tag – getting voicemails while checking voicemails and getting more voicemails while on phone screens. The result was a loss of both productivity and applicants.

With unemployment rates dramatically low, Defenders needed a talent acquisition solution to scale with its business and with the job market. Having used SilkRoad’s applicant tracking system (ATS), the recruiting team felt the outdated software could no longer adequately help them combat industry-specific recruitment challenges. Jody Scott, director of talent attraction, was hired to revamp recruitment and bring in a new ATS to help Defenders overhaul talent acquisition. From the start, Scott had a full understanding of the power and functionality of the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Platform, having successfully implemented it at a former employer, but did her due diligence to ensure she presented all viable options to leadership. At the same time, Defenders was also shopping for new human capital management (HCM) software. After briefly considering an ATS bundled with their potential HCM software, the team quickly realized that it was not built with recruitment in mind and decided that a dedicated ATS would better suit their needs.

How iCIMS Helped

Once iCIMS was implemented across the organization, the interactive real-time dashboards became a game-changer right away. “iCIMS can be configured for each recruiter, allowing them to get up and running and iCIMS savvy very quickly,” said Scott. Like a stock ticker, as Scott describes it, the dashboards provide up-to-date analytics necessary for everyday operations. With such large volumes of weekly hires, it’s crucial for Scott to have insight into the status of each day’s recruitment efforts, such as the status of phone screens or number of interviews that have been scheduled. With recruiters sometimes hiring for different types of roles, the ability to adjust and customize dashboards based on user type allows them to work more efficiently, while easily providing visibility into only the analytics that matter most to them. Scott stated, “We’ve gone from about 2.6 hires per week per recruiter to 3.6 per week per recruiter over the last 12 months thanks to access to real-time data with iCIMS.” Scott has also created executive-level dashboards, which help provide leadership with transparency into high-level metrics and results.





With a focus on improving candidate pipeline conversion rates, the recruiting team has had a great deal of success with sourcing resumes through iCIMS. As a result, iCIMS has allowed Defenders to discontinue the expensive radio and billboard ads that it previously relied on. Through iCIMS, recruiter efficiencies have also improved, and with a team of only 11 recruiters responsible for field recruitment from coast to coast, it’s crucial for the team to be completely optimized and organized. Around the same time that iCIMS was implemented, iCIMS TextRecruit was brought in to help eliminate the multiple candidate engagement road-blocks that were hindering the team. With the integration between iCIMS and TextRecruit, recruiters can effortlessly send a text message to any phone number within the platform. ""Texting candidates straight from iCIMS provides us with a truly seamless process that is a huge timesaver throughout each recruiter’s day,"" said Scott.

Using iCIMS TextRecruit means that recruiters no longer need to use their personal phones, which allows the team to stay compliant while giving them the ability to interact with candidates in real time. This has been most helpful when candidates are lost while driving to an interview and need directions. Rather than having the candidate not show up, the recruiter is able to respond back instantly, even if they are providing directions from another state.

Having sent close to 50,000 text messages since launching iCIMS TextRecruit, Defenders is already seeing success with a 67 percent response rate. “Interacting with candidates via text message has eliminated all of the missed opportunities and miscommunication that previously plagued our recruiting team,” said Scott. With new hires starting at different locations across the country each week, iCIMS TextRecruit also gives recruiters the opportunity not only to take attendance but also to close the loop on the candidate experience by checking in with new hires via text message on their first day. “iCIMS has had a tremendous impact on the entire organization – we have more talent, better talent and more engaged talent with fewer applicants lost in the candidate black hole,” stated Scott.

Defenders also uses JobChat, iCIMS real-time interactive live-chat software. “With automation through iCIMS and TextRecruit, we’ve created a better candidate experience for applicants visiting our career sites,” said Scott. When candidates visit the career sites, all of their questions can be asked and answered on the spot – regardless of time of day or location. With the majority of candidates frequently visiting career sites after business hours, JobChat has prevented Defenders from losing out on potential applicants. Scott added, “With JobChat, we’ve seen a 26 percent improvement in career microsite bounce rate and 6.45 percent increase in the career microsite click rate.”

Defenders is also using iCIMS Preboard to easily transition candidates into productive new hires and engaged employees, as well as the iCIMS candidate relationship management product, Connect, to help streamline event management. “When we go to job fairs, we use the kiosk mode in iCIMS Connect to create an event and then easily use iCIMS TextRecruit to mass text message all of the attendees with a thank-you message and invite qualified candidates to the office for interviews. It’s a really slick process,” added Scott.

iCIMS has positioned the recruiting team to efficiently achieve and maintain consistent communication with the high volumes of candidates they interact with every day. Scott concluded, “Efficiencies throughout any part of any business are the keys to success. Time is money. This is especially true in recruiting. The time saved with iCIMS has been invaluable!”

“iCIMS has had a tremendous impact on the entire organization.”

Jody Scott,
director of talent attraction, Defenders