Centralize Your Recruiting World with Our Integrated Talent Acquisition Platform

Manage the complex world of talent acquisition through a robust partner ecosystem. iCIMS UNIFi allows you to seamlessly integrate all your recruiting solutions into one organized platform for greater efficiencies and more actionable insights. It also opens the iCIMS UNIFi Marketplace of products and service providers to help you augment and scale your business.

Source, screen, and employ candidates with the iCIMS UNIFi Marketplace

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Gain Access to Hundreds of Recruiting Solutions, All in One Place

The iCIMS UNIFi Marketplace is an industry-leading, recruitment-specific marketplace you can access from within the iCIMS platform. Find the apps, resources and service providers needed to help you get more of the hires you want.

Build Upon What You're Already Doing

Use the iCIMS UNIFi Marketplace to augment and enhance your current systems and workflows. You have the foundation. Now build upon it in one platform, with one view, without the need to toggle between applications.

Automate Sourcing to Build Your Pipeline

Put the latest advances in automation to work for you. You'll find numerous sourcing tech providers in the iCIMS UNIFi Marketplace to support the effort.

Screen Applicants to Find the Cream of the Crop

Find partners who’ll help you conduct background and reference checks, video interviews, drug screenings and more to pinpoint the most qualified candidates.

Preboard and Manage New Hires with Ease

Whether it’s talent management, core HR and payroll or workforce analytics, find everything required to bring new employees into the fold.

Enhance and Streamline Your End-to-End Hiring Process

Create the integrated talent acquisition solution your business needs to stay agile. Imagine faster times to hire, streamlined workflows and a level of responsiveness that keeps you moving forward.

Connect multiple applications for one integrated talent acquisition solution

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Unify the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem Into a Singular Experience

Create one experience, one view and countless possibilities with our integrated talent acquisition solution. Optimize workflows, security, compliance and reporting, all within a single platform.

Connect All Applications with a Turnkey Process

We’ve defined standards that make integrated talent acquisition a turnkey process. iCIMS Connectors can be used for all kinds of integrations, allowing multiple third-party applications to talk to one another across our platform.

Order, Run and View Results for
Background Screens and Assessments

Prime Connectors create a consistent user experience for recruiters and admins managing the background screening and candidate assessment processes within iCIMS' technology. Unlike other industry products that take weeks or months to integrate, it’s up and running in minutes. The whole process takes place within the iCIMS interface.

Move Fast with the Most Advanced and Flexible APIs

Synchronize large amounts of data, and update fields and statuses across systems, all in real time. Make the change once, and it updates everywhere.

Streamline All Your Reporting and Analytics

Centralize all your talent acquisition solutions in one platform to eliminate the need to log into multiple systems for reporting and analytics.

"With the strong integrations offered by iCIMS, UNIFi allows us to manage and oversee all of our hiring technologies in one easy-to-use platform."

Leverage our community of integration experts

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Accelerate Talent Innovation

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of recruiting apps that exist, with more providers and applications emerging every day. But finding and reviewing them all is daunting and time-consuming. When you leverage the iCIMS UNIFi marketplace, you’re able to easily find and research the latest technologies that can help streamline and amplify your recruiting efforts – all in one place, exactly when you need them.

Leverage A Single, Trusted Source

Rest easy with the knowledge that each partner in the Marketplace is vetted and trained by iCIMS to ensure a seamless integration experience. You'll move quickly and confidently when partnering with new vendors, or when integrating new applications.

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