Questions You Should ask Customer References When Evaluating a Recruiting Software Purchase - Whitepaper

As you research applicant tracking system (ATS) providers, you may get bogged down with information that makes your purchase decision more difficult. To simplify the process, use this guide to help you remember the important questions you should ask a vendor’s customer references. 

  1. Has the product met your expectations? Are you satisfied with this product/service?
  2. What “sold” you on this product? Features? Anticipated ROI? Customer service? Ease of use?
  3. Has this system met your applicant tracking and workflow requirements? Do you anticipate that the system will scale with your organization in the future?
  4. Describe the configurability (unique workflows, specific fields, etc.) of the system. Is it easy to make changes?
  5. Were you trained on how to use the system? Did the training meet your needs?
  6. Have you made recommendations to enhance the system? If so, what enhancements did you recommend?
  7. Are you confident in this vendor’s product roadmap? That it will continue to innovate, develop, and provide regular updates to its software?
  8. How long did implementation take from the time you committed to purchase the product to actual go-live and use of the product?
  9. Did you experience any issues during implementation? After implementation?
  10. Are you satisfied with the customer service you’ve received before, during, and after implementation?
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