Mobile Portal Walk Through - Product Doc

Enhanced Candidate Experience

iCIMS-hosted Career Portals are built to match your brand and are mobile optimized, using a responsive design technique to automatically accommodate the appropriate viewing experience whether the candidate is on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Capable of supporting distinct workflows, branded Career Portals allow you to create specialized recruitment campaigns for internal employees, university hiring, and hourly recruitment. Easy-to-use online applications provide applicants with an efficient, positive candidate experience from any device. Best of all, there is no charge for these mobile portals!

"We anticipate these new mobile portals to assist with recruiting at career fairs, but particularly at the college level, where students really live on their phone and tablet."

AnnMarie Cross, HR Manager

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How It Works

Upon entering the jobs section of your site, applicants will automatically be directed to the right viewing experience for the device they are using. Applicants can search for jobs based on keywords, categories and locations, or view all open positions. Returning applicants also have the option to log-in and edit their profile or review their submittal history. Furthermore, the new responsive portals will continue to support the ability to embed video and images into job descriptions posted to the portal. Both images and multimedia (video) content will scale down to the appropriate viewing experience.

Location Based Job Searching

Since smartphones come equipped with GPS technology, iCIMS Career Portals will now allow candidates to search for jobs near their current location. Once the candidate has granted permission, the zip radius dropdown will appear and, after hitting the search button, jobs that fall within that current location radius will show. This is ideal for companies with multiple locations, including franchises and retail operations.

Job Listings

Jobs can be easily sorted on a mobile device using the “Sort By” dropdown to sort jobs by ID, Title, Category, or Position Type. Job descriptions can be accessed on a mobile device by simply clicking its row within search results.

The information displayed on a mobile view is designed to not overwhelm the job seeker with too much information. Job seekers will have the ability to view as much or as little information about the job description as desired.

Create Profile via Resume

After a candidate searches for a job, views a job description, and decides to apply, they can then begin the mobile application process. Candidates can use the Social Apply feature, create a resume with an online form, or upload their existing resume to build a profile.

  • Social Apply: Provides candidates with a quick and easy way to submit interest for a job by applying with social profiles like LinkedIn. This feature allows recruiters to gain access to live professional profiles based on updates made within the social network.


Resume Upload Options

In addition to uploading a resume from the device directly, candidates can choose to upload their resumes from their Google Drive and Dropbox accounts as well. To upload from either of these options, a candidate clicks on the appropriate button (from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop) and is subsequently prompted to login to their account directly through the browser. The candidate then selects their resume, and it is pulled into the Career Portal.

Basic Profile (Business Card)

After uploading a resume or choosing to build their profile with an online form, the candidate is asked to quickly fill out only basic information. The candidate simply fills out first name, last name, email address, login, and password information.

Incomplete Reminder

Candidates who have started the application process but have not completed it will be placed into a new status (Incomplete). The system will be able to send Incomplete candidates a single reminder email. The interval for the reminder email, as well as the content, is completely configurable by the System Administrator.


Once the application process is complete, the candidate is tagged to the job and a message will display indicating that the application was submitted successfully.