Demo Checklist - Whitepaper

What You Should Consider When Evaluating a Recruiting Software Purchase

As you research and demo with applicant tracking system (ATS) vendors, you may get bogged down with information that makes your purchase decision more difficult. To simplify the process, use this guide as a list of factors to consider when searching for the right ATS to meet all the needs of your organization.  To determine the value of any ATS you evaluate, calculate a total score out of the 30 key features below.



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Evaluation Date




Ease of Use

  • Confident that the software is both intuitive and easy to use
  • The look and feel of the software is clean, organized, and easy to navigate
  • I can track the entire recruiting process from one screen, helping me determine what my next steps should be
  • I am confident that hiring managers will find the software easy-to-use, speeding up the recruitment process
  • The administrative burden (paper, postage, filing, data entry) will be reduced if not completely eliminated
  • The recruiting workflow can be configured to match our current workflow, resulting in little disruption of our operations

         /6   Ease of Use Score

The Candidate Experience

  • Our Career Portal will be fully branded to match our company website
  • The Career Portal can be optimized for jobseeker traffic from a mobile device
  • Candidates will be able to apply to open positions quickly through their LinkedIn, Google +, or Facebook accounts
  • It is easy for candidates to search open positions and apply

         /4   Candidate Experience Score

Job Management

  • Creating a job is easy
  • I can configure the approval process for a new requisition
  • I can associate screening questions to any job
  • The software’s job board posting capabilities allow me to automatically post to any job board
  • My team, and even the company’s employees, can take advantage of social media posting capabilities that will increase our passive candidate pool, brand awareness, and employee referrals
  • A job’s workflow lets me see the status of each candidates and where they are in the process
  • I  can communicate with candidates, hiring managers, and other recruiters through the software in order to schedule appointments, interviews, and communicate opportunities, rejections, and offers

         /7   Job Management Score

Searching and Reporting

  • Every field within the software is searchable and reportable
  • The software comes with a library of standard reports
  • I can create custom reports
  • I can quickly access important metrics that show me information that highlight efficiency and bottlenecks

         /4   Search and Reporting Score


  • The software will integrate with my HRIS/Payroll system
  • The software will integrate with my other existing vendors, including background check providers, assessment providers, and payroll providers

       /2   Integration Score


  • The software is web-based and the company explained the benefits associated with web-based software
  • I’m confident that the vendor will continue to update an improve its software as recruiting and talent management trends evolve, keeping me ahead of my competitors
  • I do not have to pay extra for customer service, regardless of my company’s size
  • The software will scale with my company’s needs
  • I will not have to pay for additional databases or modules to accommodate company growth
  • Routine software upgrades are provided to me at no additional cost
  • Multiple training options (webinar, manuals, etc.) are available at no cost to my company

         /6    Technology/Roadmap/Support Score


____  _/30 Total ATS Score